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Exploratory essay samples

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Categories of Computer Crime

Computer crime is one of the newest types of crimes that have resulted from the technological advancement. The anonymity introduced by computer technology has encouraged the individuals, who would not be tempted to commit crimes otherwise, to do ...

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a disagreement or clash between ideas, principles, or people. Thus conflict resolution is understood to be the methods and processes that are used to solve a disagreement between two parties or people and ending it peacefully. Effective ...

Driversí Bad Habits

Institutional as well as ad hoc installation of various projects indispensably possesses a set of important conditions that must be observed by the performers of this project.  This argument is equally applicable for the commercial-oriented ...

IP Version 4 vs. IP Version 6

The initials IP stands for internet protocol. IP is a principal communication protocol found in the internet protocol suite and is used to relay datagrams across network boundaries. There are a number of IP versions that are available in the market ...

Is the Physical Community Deteriorating?

Technological development has signified a gradual transformation of social institutions and overall dynamics. Today, communities have fundamentally changed; physical communities in principle appear to be disappearing as virtual communities begin to ...

Life before and after the Dawn of the Internet

Every innovation influences human’s lifestyle differently: one brings only slight changes while another turns out to be a breakthrough that brings the changes even to the world history. The Internet is a clear example of such a change that ...

Marriage Consulting

Contemporary leaders of the marriage counseling and marital law luminaries unanimously stress that nowadays the role of the marriage advisory institutions has become immense.  Marriage counseling is being utilized with the intent to save ...

Non-Human Species cannot Grow Indefinitely

A population refers to a group of species living in the same area, sharing similar resources and encountering similar environmental conditions. No population can grow indefinitely because population growth is limited by factors, such as the density ...

What is a Woman?

The question “What is a Woman?” has always been in the center of attention of various feminist movements. This issue has been central to their understanding of the fight for equality and the basis for all other theologies. However, ...

What Is Multiple Sclerosis

As Nordqvist (2012) stated, “Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system”. In accordance with the research results, multiple sclerosis affects roughly 400.000 citizens of the United ...

Buy custom Exploratory essay