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Justice essay samples

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Correctional Issues in Criminal Justice

In the US correctional facilities, inmates are faced with numerous challenges. This is based on gang affiliation, the physics of the inmate, and the offence they have been convicted for. The most affected are male correctional facilities. This is ...

Crime in California

California is a West Coast state of the USA. It is the most populated state of the country. As for the legal system in California, it is based upon the English common law with a few features of the Spanish civil law. Juridical power of California is ...

Criminal Justice

It is important to emphasize the fact that the lion’s share of crimes among the population is committed by the substance abused people. For that reason, it is rationally to implement the preventive measures into practice, which are aimed at ...

Judicial Misconduct

Judicial misconduct refers to indecent and unbecoming behaviors or actions by judges within and outside the judicial system that may impede or affect the conduct of business and administration of the judicial system. Williams (2007) defines judicial ...

Jury Nullification

Jury nullification is a process whereby a panel of judges in a case efficiently invalidates a law by setting free a defendant despite of the weight of proof not in favors of him or her. In the current society, ethnicity has been found out to have an ...

Tempe Union High School District Court Case

The question of racial discrimination, prejudice and fight for human rights of black people in the US society has always been one of the most burning problems of all times. Still nowadays, in time of democracy and political correctness there are ...

The Casey Anthony Case

Once the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said that for complete well-being of any country at least two main conditions, peace and justice, are important. By the way, the level of development of a country and society is largely determined by ...

The Criminal Justice

The positivist school of criminology provides some assumptions regarding the nature of human beings focusing on rationality of behavior and freewill (Coleman & Norris, 2000). It argues about the nature of crime and emphasizes on key motivational ...

Victims and Crime Evaluation

The role of a prosecutor or “minister of justice” is to help the court to find the truth and bring accused to justice with accordance to the laws and norms of validity. A prosecutor denotes interests of the community but not any personal ...

What Is Criminal Justice?

Classical school of criminality believed that rationality is the only guide to human actions. Cesare Beccaria and other leading philosophers of this school of thought argued that humans act rationally in evaluation of the actions to be done and ...

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