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Research essay samples

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Biblical Basis for Family Life Ministry

Establishment of the biblical foundation of family ministry states that it combines two great missions of the church, which are edification and evangelism. The latter method includes gradational aspects of the church’s relationship skills, ...

Black Holes

Prior to determining the essence of the issue of black holes, we should start by defining this phenomenon and introducing general notions that would be integral to the comprehension of the issue. According to the article Black Holes published by ...

Computer Forensics

How can the intangibility of computer crime complicate investigations and subsequent prosecutions? Having researched the available scholarly material and practical findings of the investigators, it can be inferred that the intangibility of computer ...

Discussion on Environmentai Issues

As to me, global warming is not just empty words but rather the real problem humanity is encountering right now. There is even no need to search evidences in the media, newspapers or peer-reviewed journals. Year by year climate is changing and ...

Evidence-Based Practices in Jails

Speaking of people who are in a correctional facility, it is important to consider their right for a second chance. Any approach to the problem needs to bring humanity and support. Jails are not ‘warehouses’, where ‘bad’ ...

Good Ways of Having Fun

Everybody is busy and loaded with hundreds of things to do. So, it is essential to spend the valuable spare hours in the best possible manner. There are various ways of having fun and spending free time. People enjoy doing different things. Some of ...

Potential Uses of Biometrics

Biometrics is an ever-growing important technology providing a level of assurance not currently provided. Thesis: It is argued that using knowledge of biometrics will be the best security system to protect useful information in the ...

The Attack on Downtown Detroit

The modern Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has fragmented into multiple factions that spread the beliefs of Christian identity and believe in the existence of the widely spread Jewish conspiracy. These multiple factions have three main groups of aliases that ...

The Efficiency of Emergency Response Agencies

The main aim of the research is to develop quality evidence that use of cell phones alone in emergency response is not enough. It will make the emergency response agencies move with haste towards integrating pagers in the system. Sometimes, mobile ...

Two Ways of Believing

Human nature through centuries has always been striving for something to believe in. From the beginning of humanity, people were looking for some powers that were greater than them and were some kind of a proof of existence of something supernatural ...

Buy custom Research essay