Writing Admission Letters

Any student who wants to apply to a particular university or college is expected to write an admissions letter to say why they are interested in attending the institution they are applying to. In an admissions letter, the writer also usually explains their suitability as a candidate.

Letters of this type generally play a key part in deciding whether the writer gets admitted to their preferred college. With the admissions process becoming ever more competitive, it is important your application attracts the attention of the admissions board and demonstrates your suitability.

The following tips should improve your chances of admission.


Draw Attention to Your Strong Points

Admission letters are often used in place of an interview. Remember, those who are reading your

letters are not acquainted with you so this is an opportunity to explain who you are and to provide certain information about yourself. The idea is to present any relevant information that does not fit well in other parts of your application documents such as key background information and a description of the things that interest you. Do not hesitate to mention any challenges you have encountered except, of course, in cases where these might adversely affect your application. It is acceptable to use phrases such as “in my own personal experience.” Try not to make your writing monotonous by beginning sentences with subordinate phrases e.g. “because of these challenges,” but opt instead for phrases such as “I did” or “I learned.”

Do Some Research on the Institution You are Applying To

Prior to beginning your application letter, try to find out as much as possible about the college you are applying to, which you can usually get by visiting the institution’s official website. One of your main aims is to say why you admire a particular college and why you think it is right for you. When writing, think of what you would say if you were trying to persuade someone to date you. Hence, your objective will be to find out as much as you can about the other person. In many ways, an admissions letter is like this with the objective being to tell the admissions board everything they need to or would like to know about you. You should have sufficient information about the institution you are targeting in order to show you are a good match for it.

Emphasize Any Unique Qualities You Have

Be clear about any unique traits you can bring to the college you are applying to and how you can contribute to its community. Once you have talked about your suitability and possible contributions, you should indicate how you will benefit from what the college has to offer you. As well as the academic elements, you might want to focus on various other elements such as drama, debating, or sports clubs.

To be a model student does not mean excluding yourself from other college activities. Do not forget that there will be a lot of competition so it is essential to show you will participate in and enjoy every aspect of college life. Your readers will want to know that you are a well-rounded individual who will contribute to their institution in many different ways.

Make Sure Your Letter is Realistic

One of the main purposes of an admissions letter is to express your interest in a particular college. So try not to include an excessive amount of unrealistic-sounding information in your letter. Avoid sweeping statements like “this college is the best in the whole world” if you know that to be untrue. Make sure your reasons for wanting to attend are legitimate. This, after all, is the reason for your application.

Edit and Proofread Your Written Work

Once your admissions letter is complete, check that there are no errors in it. This might appear tedious, but a letter laden with grammar and spelling errors is much worse. It could lead the admissions board to thinking you do not care.