College Admissions Essays (part 2)

Part 2: Creating Your Paper

At this point of the writing process, you already know what information your admission essay should contain. You have already written down the ideas you want to discuss in your paper. In addition, you have made a list of points, i.e. your abilities, experience, skills, features, etc., you are going to talk about when producing your piece of writing. Now, you know exactly what key aspects it is necessary to cover in your college admission essay to enter the chosen educational institution. As the process of preparation is completed, it is high time to start producing your paper.

Hint 6: Provide Detailed Information

The most effective way of creating a stunning paper is to lay out meticulous details about the topic. Your piece of writing will astonish the admission committee if it contains concrete facts and not empty phrases. For instance, if you want to show that you are interested in examining various issues, you should not write something like, “I always do all assignments. Even when I am sick, I try to submit all projects on time.” You need to give effective expression to your description. Consider the following example: “When being a sophomore, I had terrible angina. It caused high temperature and severe headache. Though my doctor recommended me to stay in bed, I decided to complete my essay on gender inequality.” The latter example will not leave any member of the admission board indifferent.

When producing your paper, answer the following questions:

  • Can I cite a great example to illustrate a specific situation?
  • Is it possible to make the described event more exciting?
  • Can general notions such as a “mobile phone” be replaced with more specific ones such as “iPhone 6”, for example?

Certainly, some students do not like to boast about their possessions or unique abilities. However, when writing a college admission essay, you should not be shy of pointing out your unusual features. One should keep in mind that it is essential to illustrate your strong points and present your personality in the best way when creating an admission essay. An impressive piece of writing is what the admission committee wants to receive from you.

Hint 7: Show You Are Well Educated

Mind that the appropriate word choice is the basis of successful writing. Depending on the expressions and word combinations you use, the board will form an opinion about your education and intellectual development. Moreover, being an international student, you will definitely want to persuade the board that you are fluent in English. Remember that the committee wants to be sure you are able to attend only English-speaking classes.

Take the aforementioned into account and replace plain words (interesting, point, etc.) with those of elevated nature (fascinating, criterion, etc.). Do not forget to consult a dictionary, as it will be much easier for you to find appropriate words and use them in your paper. In addition, if there are any slang words or jargons, you need to delete them.

Hint 8: Use a Proper Writing Style

When creating a college admission essay, you need to show the board that you possess remarkable writing skills and can produce a paper meeting high academic standards. Thus, bear in mind the following points while creating your piece of writing:

  • complex sentences should prevail over the simple ones;
  • use such stylistic devices as epithets, metaphors, comparisons, etc.;
  • use the words and expressions not only in their exact meaning but also in the figurative one.

Such style of writing will differ your essay from the rest and prove that you have a thorough knowledge of English.

Hint 9: Proofread Your Paper

This hint can be regarded as the most essential of all provided here. It is known that the way we write can differ from the way we think. Thus, you need to find someone who could check your essay for the following points:

  • Grammar: Are you sentences grammatically correct? Check whether the subjects and predicates are agreed appropriately?
  • Word use: Are the words used in their proper meaning?
  • Structure: Are there smooth transitions between all the sentences?

Hint 10: Mind the Deadline

One should keep in mind that writing a good admission essay takes much time, as there is a lot of work to do. When dealing with your paper, do not forget about the requirements and deadline you need to meet. Note that every school establishes its own way of submitting applicants’ essays. Some educational establishments want students to send their papers by email, while others require students to provide their admission essays in PDF format.

If you want to submit all your projects on time while studying at college or university, it is better to set a calendar that will serve you as a reminder of approaching deadlines.

Extra Hint: Stay Calm

Once your admission essay is ready, you will send it to the chosen educational establishment. You should not worry, as these tips will not let you fail.