College Admissions Essay (Part 1)

During the admissions process, the admissions committee pays attention to three criteria to determine whether the applicant will be rejected or accepted to college. These are as follows:

  1. The results of a standardized test – the most widely used tests are ACT and SAT.
  2. Previous coursework – it includes your college preparatory papers as well as GPA.
  3. Admissions essay

With the help of admissions essay, you can demonstrate the admissions committee who you are. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to point out your special features and highlight your credentials, thus distinguishing yourself from the pool of other applicants. Hence, we would like to provide you with useful tips for writing a five-star admissions essay that will definitely help you outdo your competitors.

Part 1: Planning Your Admissions Essay

Tip #1: Understand Who the Admissions Committee Looks For

When you have completed your application essay and arranged other documents, you send them to the chosen college where they pile up together with the papers of other applicants. Then, the admissions committee thoroughly reviews the received applications, checks the test scores and GPAs, as well as reading the essays to choose the best candidates.

If you want to be accepted, you need to understand who the admissions officers look for. Usually, they want their students to:

  • · Be successful in their studies;
  • · Make contribution to the educational process;
  • · Honor the college after graduation.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to submit an essay proving that you are the very person who can live up to those expectations. If you succeed in it, the positive outcomes are guaranteed.

If you have not written your application essay yet, take advantage of our practical advice. To prepare a worthy paper, make sure to answer these questions:

  • How can I prove that I am going to be a successful student?
  • How can I persuade the admissions officers that I am an ambitious and goal-oriented person?
  • What contributions can I make to the educational process? Can other students benefit from them?
  • How can I honor my college?
  • What are my plans for the future? How will the chosen educational establishment help me succeed?

Thus, by giving answers to these questions, you will form the basis for your admissions essay.

Tip #2: Identify Your Key Goals

It is important for you to decide what image you want to create. What should the admissions committee think of you? Surely, your admissions essay is a perfect tool for expressing your many-sided personality.

Undoubtedly, most applicants want the admissions committee to perceive them as ambitious, open-minded, and responsible. Certainly, these qualities should be highlighted in your essay though there are other important issues that you need to pay your attention to. They are your academic credentials. The admissions officers should know what results you have already achieved and how you have managed to achieve them.

Along with revealing your personal characteristics and academic achievements, your application paper should focus on some other aspects. Hence, consider answering the following questions when preparing an essay:

  • Are there any organizations or clubs I belong to?
  • Have I had an interesting job? Is my experience valuable?
  • Am I a leader or team player?
  • Am I community-oriented?

Tip #3: Stand Out Among Other Applicants

Distinguishing yourself from other applicants is very important. If you are an international student, you definitely have some features that make you different from the American students. Thus, take advantage of them. However, you need to remember that mentioning your nationality is not enough. You have to highlight the peculiarities of your national culture. At the same time, there is no need to dedicate the whole essay to it; few sentences will be enough.

You should understand that you are not only an international student with different cultural background but also an open-minded person having valuable experience. You need to highlight your strengths in a way that will make you stand out from other applicants. In addition, you should emphasize those features (e.g., speaking 3 languages, playing football, delivering excellent speeches, etc.) that will help you excel in your studies.

Tip #4: Make Contributions While Studying

It is important for the admissions committee to choose the applicants that will be able to contribute to the educational process in general and positively influence the other learners in particular. So, how can you enhance the learning process and broaden the experience of other students?

The aim of each academic institution is to ensure that learners develop outstanding abilities and increase their knowledge. This way, being an international student, you will help learners understand what cultural diversity is and get familiar with different cultural values and beliefs. Thus, make sure to emphasize your background in the essay so that the admissions officers realize that you are the applicant they are looking for. You should stress that you have much useful experience to share with others.

It is necessary for you to show the admissions committee that there are many benefits you can offer as an international student. Hence, in your essay, make sure to demonstrate your willingness to take part in social and other activities. Consider the following issues:

  • Are you ready to join some student organization or become a member of some team?
  • Do you want to write for college newspaper?
  • How do you want to improve campus life?
  • Are you ready to take part in different social events?

Thus, you can certainly contribute to educational process and social life. Do not be afraid to list the benefits you can provide.

Tip #5: Deal with the Essay Prompt Properly

Now, you definitely have too many ideas to cover in one paper. Nevertheless, you need to choose the most important ones and focus on them in your essay. Be specific when discussing them. Do not try to list all the ideas as, this way; you will make your piece of writing too vague and general. Remember that the main aim of your paper is to make the admissions officers consider you the right person to be accepted to their college.

Further, you need to deal with the application essay prompt. Carefully read it so that you fully understand it. This way, you will be able to cope with the task properly. Remember that application essay prompt is created to assist you. It will help you demonstrate your ability to comprehend and follow the given instructions. Unfortunately, many applicants do not pay attention to the essay prompt and, consequently, fail to achieve the desirable results. Do not be one of them. Prove the admissions officers that you deserve to be accepted.

In addition, the essay prompt encourages creativity. It means that you have an excellent opportunity to develop your ideas the way you deem appropriate. You are welcome to come up with an extraordinary way of answering the prompt. However, make sure you do not go overboard. The admissions committee is not interested in reading fairy tales.

There is no doubt, each educational institution has its own peculiarities of the educational process and approach to teaching students, yet all of them want to have successful and multi-talented learners. Thus, prepare a good admissions essay to enter the chosen college and become a member of student community.