Animals Essay Topics

Since the first minutes of civilization on the earth, animals have been the subjects of severe cruelty committed by people. This is obvious from animals essay topics, coursework papers, research papers and other pieces of writing composed by many scholars and researchers and is of great significance to the students majoring in animal studies for research in the future. In the modern world, severe cruelty has not been reducing; although, it has been changing its face in various ways. From the medical industry to the zoos and fashion and lifestyle to food industries, animals and some of their parts have widely been applied by people. There could be hardly a day when people are not utilizing animal-based goods. Poultry farms, medical research labs, cosmetics and other industries, as well as slaughter-houses are just a few examples to mention. Furthermore, there is a burning issue of the abandoned and neglected animals. These poor creatures suffer a lot whenever their owners usually leave them without any evident reason. On the other hand, animal lovers and welfare societies have been doing all possible to improve situations for poor animals.


While studying in middle school, college, high school, or university, you should probably prepare numerous piece of writing on animals essay topics. In case you wish to write exceptionally, it is essential to choose a topic that you are interested in finding out more about. If you are crazy about animals, animal rights, or animal welfare, there is a wide scope of flabbergasting topics that you may choose from. There are also plenty of controversial or burning issues in the nowadays’ world that are related to animals. Some of such topics comprise genetic modifications, factory or plant farming practices, animal neglect and abuse, as well as conservation of the endangered species.

Here are some original and interesting animals essay topics that you may consider for your piece of writing, such as an essay, for instance:

  • Medical testing on animals is an ethically wrong deed
  • Is it possible to justify medical testing on animals?
  • Are the modern zoos good for many animals?
  • Keeping wild animals in the zoos is very inhumane
  • Protection of the Giant Pandas is ecologically significant
  • Protection of the endangered animal species is of great importance
  • Can euthanizing stray animals be considered a humane solution?
  • Companion animals may assist people who have different syndromes and addictions
  • Fish ought not be kept in the goldfish bowls without temperature control or filters
  • Hunting as sport is an acceptable pass-time for some people
  • Hunting as sport can be treated as inhumane and unethical
  • Conservation of some endangered animal spices is more significant due to their essential ecological roles played in their natural habitat
  • It is not rational to be frightened of spiders as most of them are very harmless
  • Treatment of animals at the factory farms is inhumane
  • Keeping a wild-caught exotic animal at hone is inhumane and dangerous
  • Foxes and sables ought be bred as companion animals
  • It is acceptable and necessary to utilize higher animals, including chimpanzees and monkeys in lab research settings
  • Primates, as well as other sophisticated vertebrates must not be applied in different lab researches
  • Wearing leather or fur must be treated as a crime
  • Pets should be neutered and spayed in order to prevent their overpopulation
  • Do you consider wearing leather or fur is acceptable, in case the animals are kept in humane conditions?
  • Do different genetic modifications of livestock have numerous advantages and benefits, including the production of more meat per animal
  • Is it possible that genetic modifications of livestock could have negative consequences humans and the whole planet
  • Animal dissections are useful and practical learning tools for many university or college students
  • Should animal dissection be treated as inhumane
  • Should hunting be forbidden in all parts of the world?
  • Zoos cannot assist in the conservation of wildlife
  • People must not keep exotic and rare animals at their home making them their pretty pets
  • Should people create different hybrids by means of breeding different spices?
  • Punishment vs. rewards: Cons and pros of training and controlling the behavior of the pets
  • Vegetarianism does not assist the animals the very useful way that the majority of people consider
  • What caused the extinction of such mammals as mammoths, wooly rhinoceros, or tyrannosauruses?
  • What should be done by the humankind to keep all the spices on our planet for the next generations?
  • Should people teasing their animals be treated in the same way at least for a week?