Annotated Bibliography Writing

The most essential part of any course that you take during your many years of academic studies is the final research paper. This work should be quite fundamental in order to demonstrate to your instructor what you have accomplished and learned during the course.

Being so complicated, this piece of writing requires not only much work and skill, but effort as well. You must be wondering how to go about such a scary-looking task, after all it is not a simple essay that you are pretty much used to write by now.


Here are some very useful tips for you to start the ball of your paper rolling

Firstly, start with choosing a topic. This is, probably, the easiest part. You need to just do an online search for course-related topics. Having chosen two or three topics that are interesting for you, consult your instructor as to which of them is more suitable.

Secondly, do your research for sources. This is what needs your full and undivided attention because the range, credibility, and critical analysis of different sources make up the basis of your paper. At this stage, you should start your annotated bibliography writing that will be the summary of each of the books and articles that you cover.

However, while reading through the sources, be accurate at writing down all information about them. This includes the author (authors), the name of the work, where and when it was published, what the pages that you are using are. You will realize the importance of this work, when you are finalizing and formatting your bibliography. The thing is, as a rule, it is extremely difficult to find the same source twice, especially if you use online sources. Thus, if you forget to include any necessary data at once, it can be quite a problem for you.

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The summary of the sources themselves is in a way similar to essay writing

Each entry should include not only the information regarding the content of the source, but your critical analysis of it as well. In such a way, you should ground your choice of this particular source. You need to clearly state why the information in this source is important, how it relates to other sources and scholarly opinions, and, finally, in what way it will be useful to your research paper.

So, as you can clearly see that annotated bibliography writing is something that you must concentrate all your efforts on. Yes, it means working a lot and not for an hour or two.

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