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Some important notes about college application essay “Why Me”

It is important to say, that to write a college application essay “Why me” is not an easy task to perform. Actually, you are required to have a high level of organization skills, attention and professionalism in academic writing. A well-written essay will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge and get the best result from it. It needs time and effort to understand how to write this type of paper in a right way to get the best mark for it.

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This kind of task can be rather difficult to perform. It can look non-realistic or even confusing.

To get a well-organized and logical essay you might have three main components of your essay:

  • Interesting introduction;
  • Main body, where the main ideas will be presented;
  • Final part or conclusion.

However, you should pay attention that the first sentence of your paper should be interesting and caught the attention of the reader. You can achieve this by using quotes or begin from some popular statement or fact.

The main body of your essay should express the main ideas in a logical way

Here is better to use simple sentences and words, thus it will look more rational. The main part of your paper should contain detailed information.

The last part of your essay should point the main reasons “Why you”, actually here you underline the most prominent feature and facts about you and pay attention on the fact why should you be chosen. Here is good to use some popular sayings or quotes. This part is the most important, thus it is the last that catches the attention of the reader and the last he will remember about your essay.

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