The Importance of Healthy Sleep


It is not a secret that human health directly depends on such a factor as healthy sleep. Sleep is the most important state of brain activity, a source of well-being and of the preservation of mental and physical health. In today's world, many people, including students, regard sleep as a luxury. People often overlook the potential health consequ...

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Why Most of Us Cannot Get Rich?


“Our generation was less spoiled.”, “By the time I was your age, I’ve managed to save for a car and lived by myself” - how often do you hear such things from your parents and/or people from their generation? If you are a millennial, the chances are that this topic is discussed in every major family gathering.T...

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How to Concentrate Better if You Have ADHD


According to the research results, students, who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are able to focus better if they are allowed to fidget. However, it can become a problem when the rest of the class becomes distracted by this. We conducted a survey about this issue on Facebook and received multiple comments from students, par...

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How to Improve a Scientific Paper with the Help of Editing


While essays and term papers are the most frequent written assignments in college, most students fail to complete them in a proper way. Imprudent errors spoil the first impression and perception of a paper in general. Even if your research is a piece of art and it makes a difference in a problem discussed, you still need to be very careful setti...

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How to Build a Great LinkedIn Profile for New Grads


If you think that creating your LinkedIn profile can wait until graduation, it’s high time you changed your mind. Every student starts creatin...

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