How to Get Rid of Bad Habits


Bad habits are like coward thieves that keep stealing your true potential on the sly. How to live a life to the fullest with no regrets? Here, I’m sharing my own vision on this issue. Still, have no ideas how to break bad habits? This time you have to take it seriously and do your best to manage these “coward thieves.” The ways...

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The Most Important Personal Questions to Ask


You might undervalue the significance of questions being certain that the answers are the ones that matter. But I do believe that questions mean much more than the answers. Books and conversations with smart people helped me to realize that. Of course, starting with school, you tend to be rewarded for the quality of your answers, not the...

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Get to Know the Best Civil Engineering Schools


Dr. Mohsin Tiwana once said that our completed projects determine what we already know while the future ones decide what is about to be learned. If you are interested in science, math or physics, obtaining a career in engineering will be the best choice for you. In the era of fast-evolving technological advancements, career in engineerin...

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Why I Stopped Searching Social Media for Fitness Inspiration and So Should You


Content warning: This will be one extremely personal and very angry post, so if you do not feel like that, please stop reading right now and switch to another post. I will be touching subjects like eating disorders, body weight, and body-image-related issues. Intro Have you ever thought why everyone is...

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4 Tips on Getting Rid of a Hangover


Hangover is the price we need to pay for having too much fun the previous night. If you want to battle this frustrating state, you'll probably head to the drug store to look for a magical cure. However, most things might make the feeling less bad, but won't speed up your recovery. Four Simple Things You Can Do to Get Rid of a Hangover F...

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