How To Prevent Nurse Burnout


Currently, with the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more people experience emotional overload and suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a special psycho-emotional stress experienced by specialists who are in close contact when working with people. Listing the representatives of such professions, first of all, we should mentio...

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Clinical Tips for Nursing Students


The status of a nurse has acquired particular magnitude recently. Much attention is paid to increasing the prestige of this profession and its social significance. Modern nurses need to have scientific knowledge, be able to analyze, anticipate the consequences, plan their activities, and make independent decisions. The ability to establish profe...

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Health and Wellness Tips for College Students


Being a college student, who does care about health and wellness when it’s high time you dove into the freedom of no supervision and parents’ control? While enjoying the fun of college life to the fullest and striving to do your best to become the coolest guy ever and please others, students often tend to forget about their health an...

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The Importance of Healthy Sleep


It is not a secret that human health directly depends on such a factor as healthy sleep. Sleep is the most important state of brain activity, a source of well-being and of the preservation of mental and physical health. In today's world, many people, including students, regard sleep as a luxury. People often overlook the potential health consequ...

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Why Most of Us Cannot Get Rich?


“Our generation was less spoiled.”, “By the time I was your age, I’ve managed to save for a car and lived by myself” - how often do you hear such things from your parents and/or people from their generation? If you are a millennial, the chances are that this topic is discussed in every major family gathering.T...

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