Why I Stopped Searching Social Media for Fitness Inspiration and So Should You


Content warning: This will be one extremely personal and very angry post, so if you do not feel like that, please stop reading right now and switch to another post. I will be touching subjects like eating disorders, body weight, and body-image-related issues. Intro Have you ever thought why everyone is...

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4 Tips on Getting Rid of a Hangover


Hangover is the price we need to pay for having too much fun the previous night. If you want to battle this frustrating state, you'll probably head to the drug store to look for a magical cure. However, most things might make the feeling less bad, but won't speed up your recovery. Four Simple Things You Can Do to Get Rid of a Hangover F...

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How to Stay Healthy In Winter


People enjoy winter for hundreds of good reasons, but the most enjoyable one is warm evenings inside the sweet home. Long mornings, lazy afternoons, and sleepy evenings – that is what usually makes winter distinct. However, such leisure may tire you and soon the last thing you want to do is to stay in bed until afternoon. Here are a few ot...

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New Year Reading List


It is a holiday season and finally you can devote some time for yourself and entertainment. Since it is really cold outside, there is no point in leaving your warm cozy room – enjoy the tenderness of your blanket and grab a book that you have been struggling to read for so long. If you are hesitating abou...

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How Travel Makes You a Better Person


Can you imagine that more than 50% of American people have never left their country? It means that they have never seen and experienced other cultures and all their representations are based on what they have seen on TV or heard from others. You may ask ‘what’s the problem with that?’ Well, the problem is that people are depriv...

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