Marijuana Legalization Essay: How Controversial Topics Are Explored


The legalization of marijuana remains one of the widely discussed burning issues of the modern world. It seems to be controversial and insignificant in comparison to still existent autocratic societies, failed democracies, and atrocious political conflicts. Yet, various researches, academic and amateur ones, point at the hidden importance of thi...

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Heated Debates in a Why Euthanasia Should Be Legal Essay


The issues related to mercy killing remain topical now. The process of mercy killing is aimed at helping the patients in pain stop suffering. For sure, taking someone’s life intentionally even if the aims are noble cannot be supported by everyone. Thus, it is a topic for heated debates in society and there are numerous issues that get into...

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Gender Roles Essay


Working on a gender roles essay? Then you may want to know the following. Equality is a foundational human right. In other words, men and women have the right to excel in any area, from business to athletics. Today’s society can boast of high levels of sex equality awareness. Nevertheless, we keep struggling to reduce sex inequality and cr...

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List of Types of Writing Genres


To understand how to create a piece of text that will be consistent, it is important to answer the question: what are genres in writing? A writing genre is a category that determines the overall composition of a written piece or other media (e.g. movies, other publications). The texts written in a specific genre are characterized by similar styl...

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Med School Admissions Essay Writing


Have you already prepared yourself psychologically to burn a midnight oil for the sake of writing your med school admissions essay? Hopefully, yes, as this task requires even more efforts than a usual admissions essay in other spheres, given the fact that from 50% to 70% applicants to versatile medical schools constantly experience rejections of...

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