Dr. Mohsin Tiwana once said that our completed projects determine what we already know while the future ones decide what is about to be learned.

If you are interested in science, math or physics, obtaining a career in engineering will be the best choice for you. In the era of fast-evolving technological advancements, career in engineering is not only lucrative and profitable but also inseparable from the technological growth. Actually, engineers play the role of decision-makers and problem-solvers who deal with specialized products and ease life of people around the world by introducing newer and newer technological gadgets. Engineers’ main aim is to forge brand-new cutting edge gadgets and devices while facilitating their urge and lifelong passion for creating and devising something new.

Top civil engineering schools are becoming more and more popular among students and engineering careers have reached the peak of their diversity. Nowadays, engineering developments and findings even help to tackle such global problems as poverty, climate change, global warming, social inequality, disaster recovery, and many others. Graduates of the best industrial engineering schools are now implementing their developments in different corners of the world: in small towns and villages, megalopolises, remote communities, in both developed and developing countries.

Engineers graduating from the best science schools are driven not only by technological urge and personal interest but also by social considerations of improving the society at large and developing smart solutions to the existing problems. Still, before making a step into the best engineering field in the world, students may often hesitate whether the engineering field will be as much needed in future as it is now. Still, many researchers predict a positive outlook and positive prospects on the engineering career. Therefore, students demonstrating particular interest in engineering are encouraged to acquire education in the best electrical engineering schools and engineering schools of other directions. Engineering graduates have also become highly competitive, as they want to find lucrative career prospects as well as to be able to seek fresh perspectives when innovating their brands. According to the findings published in Forbes, the highest salaries in 2017 were related to the fields of computer, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Therefore, such positive prospects may be favorable reasons why students should pursue their degree and further career specifically in engineering.

If you are one of the students who cannot yet make a decision which engineering school to enter, we have designed for you a list of top engineering schools.

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  1. School of Engineering, Cardiff University – UK

The School of Engineering in Cardiff University is one of the greatest and most popular. Just imagine –  200 members of research faculty, 100 members of professors’ staff, 1,200 undergraduate students and 400 postgraduates – the numbers are impressive. This engineering school has become a real brand in Cardiff University. The School of Engineering has gained its reputation and now is one of the top engineering schools. Students can gain superb knowledge here and become expert professionals highly valued not only by local but also by nationwide and international employers.

In particular, Wireless and Microwave Communication Engineering pursues the core objective of giving students invaluable experience in microwave and electronic engineering. Further, specialization in Building and Infrastructure Information Modeling for Smart Engineering enables students to gain training and practical skills required in smart engineering and other competitive fields of BIM. Successful completion of engineering education gives students an opportunity to gain success on the global scale and get prosperous careers.

  1. Faculty of Engineering, University College London (UCL) – UK

If you are among those students who cannot live without hustle, bustle, and constant motion, then this educational establishment is the right thing for you. Here you won’t have time to be bored as your pace of life will surely become faster. The faculty is situated in the heart of London, which provides you not only great benefits for your studying but for your social life and extracurricular activities. There are numerous vocational prospects here. Besides, you can more easily apply for internships.

IEP stands for the Integrated Engineering Program, which is a brand new integrated framework that unites innovative methods of teaching with specific engineering educational programs. Students are welcome to take part in cross-disciplinary activities and apply their professional skills in different spheres and real-world engineering projects.

  1. The FU Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University – USA

Students are offered an outstanding academic and career opportunity to obtain quality education in applied science and different fields in engineering. The School of Engineering offers a variety of opportunities both for graduate and undergraduate students. In particular, the School is famous for such courses as Earth and Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, and others. The engineering school has gained its great reputation due to its innovative approaches, application of smart materials, application of computer-assisted design, as well as collaboration with other educational departments, particularly in biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, and financial engineering among others.

  1. Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds – UK

This institutional affiliation belongs to the world’s top 10 engineering schools. More than 700 members of professors’ staff and more than three thousand students belong here. Students studying here enjoy all the career and academic opportunities, as they can collaborate with world-renowned researchers, apply for internships, and seek partnership from reputable companies and organizations.

  1. School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania (PENN ENGINEERING) – USA

It was more than 250 years ago when Benjamin Franklin laid the foundation for the University of Pennsylvania. In Franklin’s mind, the university was supposed to be a place putting great emphasis on arts and science. Now it can be concluded that this university has really become a place where students can obtain deep knowledge in these fields and then thrive in the career world. Educational programs for graduates and undergraduates put particular emphasis on both theory and practice. Besides, students are taught how to make interdisciplinary connections and apply the gained knowledge in various fields. Besides, education acquired at this university enables students to develop their leadership skills and further apply them within the field of engineering and beyond.