According to the research results, students, who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), are able to focus better if they are allowed to fidget. However, it can become a problem when the rest of the class becomes distracted by this. We conducted a survey about this issue on Facebook and received multiple comments from students, parents, and teachers with great ways for letting students quietly fidget. Are you interested? Then continue reading.

Background Noise or Music

A fan placed in the back of the room is able to help some students concentrate. Allowing them to listening to music on the headphones is one more way to help them focus. Some teachers share a successful idea with an aquarium placed in the classroom – many students feel calmer when they hear swish of the water and concentrate on the lessons easier.

Gum or Chewable Necklaces

It is surprising, but simple chewing gums and necklaces with chewable pieces are helpful for some ADHD students when they have to stay focused. Some students prefer wrapping rubber bands at the ends of their pens so that they can chew it.

Squeeze Balls

There is a multiplicity of objects which students can squeeze quietly, like squishy balls or stress balls. A good idea is to fill a balloon up with such items as flour, seeds, or Play-Doh to squish.

Standing Desks

This is a great idea for everyone, who has to work a lot on the computer or has to write, not just for students who need to fidget. If it is within your budget, try also using treadmill desks.


These are little objects which help keep one’s hands occupied. These can be Rubik’s Cubes, beaded bracelets, or anything other. Make sure to avoid flashy objects such as spinners because they can distract the rest of the class.


This is something that helps many people concentrate, not just students who have ADHD. Many students say they greatly benefit when they can draw during lectures.

Classroom Space for Moving around

A free area in the classroom can be used to let students stand, twirl, or stretch if they need it to stay focused on the lesson.


A teacher can tape a strip of the rough side of Velcro under students’ desks. It provides them with objects they can touch. Such things as straws or emery boards work good, as well.

Bouncy Balls

They are known also as fitballs, exercise balls, or stability balls. Such balls are excellent for every student and teacher, not just people with ADHD.

Flexible Work Locations

Teachers do not have to make the students do their learning at their desk only. Allow them to work at the windowsill, for example, or move between desks.

Stationary Bikes

A stationary bicycle is a great option that helps students stay focused on the topic while being physically active.

Chair Leg Bands

A teacher can tie a large rubber band across chair’s legs allowing students to push or pull against with their legs.