Bad habits are like coward thieves that keep stealing your true potential on the sly. How to live a life to the fullest with no regrets? Here, I’m sharing my own vision on this issue. Still, have no ideas how to break bad habits? This time you have to take it seriously and do your best to manage these “coward thieves.” The ways to break bad habits exist and let’s move on closer to them, as we do want to get rid of bad habits, don’t we?

Undoubtedly, you might have already tried quitting some bad habits at least once, but how do you feel are these tries successful? I do believe that the ways to break bad habits are the same amount as there are stars in the sky. It depends only on you which way suits you best. No matter what a bad habit looks like, either it’s obsessive drinking Cola, sleeping till afternoon, smoking, or not working out despite the fact you’ve already paid for the gym. Everyone has their own “thieves” in their lives, the only difference is someone constantly tries to get rid of bad habits, while others can continue to turn a blind eye to them.

It’s time to move from words to action. Ladies and gentleman meet the bad habits breaker which is called the Control Alternate Delete Method (Ctrl Alt Del)!

What’s so special about this method will you ask? Keep reading and see the way how to quit bad habits almost effortlessly but effectively.

How the Control Alternate Delete Method Works

Everyone notices sooner or later the presence of these “coward thieves,” but we tend to continue ignoring that fact because it’s much simpler anyway. When we choose the option of sitting still and doing nothing even being aware of the negative impact the bad habits have on us, we the same way claiming we give up. We are saying “NO” to every good thing that might happen to us if we’ve ever tried.

The following example might seem to you a bit primitive, but anyway, let’s have a look at it. Let’s say you are leading unhealthy lifestyle (Cola, no exercise regime at all, in other words, sedentary lifestyle as it is).

One morning you wake up and realize you need to change something. You start by focusing on just one bad habit, which is obsessive consumption of Cola every single day. With the help of Ctrl Alt Del Method, you will not only stop consuming Coke but start the good habit of drinking more water instead.

The same approach can be used for the next bad habit, then the next one, and only in a month you’ll definitely see the way this amazing method works.

Believe me, you can do that, this method really works! Apply the Ctrl Alt Del Method and watch your desired results! Who says that it sounds impossible to replace the bad habits with better ones?

Control: Your Triggers Need to Be Identified

Everyone shouldn’t undervalue the significance of identifying the triggers. Each habit has been built up over a considerable period of time, and that explains why it’s not the easiest step.

You need to do a bit of self-reflection, which will be of a great help in identifying your triggers. Think well about the following:

  • What comfort does this habit bring you?
  • What are the reasons you need comfort?

If we take the example with Cola, the comfort here means the good taste. The reasons why you might need it concerns the good feeling it might give you with a few sips. Why shouldn’t you then ask yourself why it’s Cola drink that relaxes you each time you are stressed or in a bad mood? Why shouldn’t you replace Cola with green tea or water?

Make things clear, do it on a paper.When digging out what causes you to have this bad habit, a useful thing is writing down your feelings and ideas around your bad buddy. Thus, you are able to reveal the source of your weak point.

You Need a Replacement, Sure a Positive Alternative

The next step after your trigger was revealed is searching for a similar but healthy option. Coming back to our favorite Cola, we take water with lemon. So simple but so efficient!

Each time when the desire to sip Coke comes, all you need to do is to replace your Coke with water! Doing this you kill two birds with one stone: you satisfy your thirst and establish your better habit. In fact, it’s rather simple.

You Need a B Plan

Let’s be honest, the temptation sneaks up so quiet but it might be so seductive. In order not to break up in all those desperate tries of getting rid bad habit, you need to have a defense plan. Your B Plan is your best friend to counteract such moments of weakness. How to stay strong will you ask, when you want so badly something you are trying to get rid of? No matter is it a Coke, cigarette, or something else, don’t let to make a fool of you! Don’t want to be seduced by your old habit? You must be ready for future attack, as I’m sure for 100% they will be. You should have a strict plan of actions once you feel triggered to go back to your old habit. Find your positive alternative and see how amazing life around is. Doesn’t sound reliable? It shouldn’t sound at all, because it should be done!!!

I do believe that you can’t totally remove your temptations, no matter how hard you are trying to remove stuff that somehow reminds you of the bad habit. Of course, you can do everything possible from you. I mean cut Coke out of your shopping list, but you can’t remove all Coke cans from the showcase. Everything starts with our head, really, let’s become responsible and wise in every thought and as a result action.

Tips for breaking bad habits, there are millions of them, but mind that they a total waste of time, until you start taking decisive actions.