Can you imagine that more than 50% of American people have never left their country? It means that they have never seen and experienced other cultures and all their representations are based on what they have seen on TV or heard from others. You may ask ‘what’s the problem with that?’ Well, the problem is that people are depriving themselves not only of new experiences, but also of the opportunity to become better. Let’s take a closer look at 5 five reasons why traveling is good for you and can make you better.

1. It makes us kind. Being in the other country can often lead us to confusing situations because we don’t know the language, the city or the traditions. Most of the time, you will meet kind people who will help you to navigate through the city, will guide you through the menu written in a foreign language or will help you in other ways. The more kindness you receive, the more you are prone to give kindness to others.

2. It makes our ego smaller. Many people don’t realize how huge our world is until they begin to travel. But once you start traveling, you also start realizing that you’re not the center of the universe and there are so many different people with their unique gifts and needs around the world. It naturally diminishes you ego and makes you more humble.

3. It makes us grateful. As you travel, you will encounter many great things to admire, namely great architecture, tasteful food, melodic languages, kind people, outstanding fashion, etc. You will also start being more grateful for all the things you have at home, especially for the ones that are missing in the country that you’re visiting.

4. It makes us well-rounded. Obtaining new knowledge about other cultures struggles and beliefs makes you well-rounded. When you experience new cultures yourself, it gives you a fresh perspective on life.

5. It makes us empowered and proud. If you decide to travel the world, you can be proud with finally spending money on something worthwhile, you can be proud of visiting world-famous sights and you can finally be proud of being a part of our outstanding family of humanity, which has created so many wonders around the world.

Travel the world, collect new experiences and become a better person!