Writing may be a fearful activity for some people, but in reality, there’s nothing dreadful about it. In fact, there are some simple things that you can do to become a better writer quite fast. You just need to stop worrying and start doing something to remove your fear. Here are top 5 ways to improve your writing.

  1. Choose Appropriate Writing Space

    There are people who prefer to work in a totally silent room. Others prefer to write in a crowded café with a lot of background noise. Understand what conditions are best for you and work under them.

  2. Write More Personal Essays

    Writing a personal essay is a popular writing assignment in school and it’s both fun and useful to write it. It’s also a task to do because you need to write about yourself, so you can’t do it wrong. Practice more with simple assignments like that and difficult ones will be easier to perform. 

  3. Find Out How to Compose Interesting Stories

    Good stories are easily engraved in your memory. These are stories that have an interesting storyline, some unexpected twists, and the hero whom you like to follow. In order to understand how to do all these things, you need to read more and focus on the classic literature that can give you ideas about the elements of a satisfying story.

  4. Write a Decent Speech

    There are actually more people that give boring speeches than vice versa. Try to recollect the last boring speech you’ve heard. I bet you couldn’t even remember what it was about! That’s exactly why it is called dull. Listen to the speeches made by Martin Luther King, President Kennedy, or famous Charlie Chaplin speech from “Dictator” movie to understand what makes the speech a great one. Having seen excellent examples, spend some time to write your own speech. The more you practice, the better you get.

  5. Mind Your English Grammar

    Working on your grammar is a must if you want to write good essays. Even if your message is great, grammar mistakes can spoil it. The first and foremost thing that you can do about it is to just spend more time studying English grammar. The second important thing is to re-read your pieces of writing at least twice after you finish writing.

Make the best of these 5 ideas and become a better writer!