To understand how to create a piece of text that will be consistent, it is important to answer the question: what are genres in writing? A writing genre is a category that determines the overall composition of a written piece or other media (e.g. movies, other publications). The texts written in a specific genre are characterized by similar style, form, subject, etc. The list of types of writing genres is long and each writer needs to choose a specific genre to follow. A specific genre is normally chosen to attract a particular audience and to convey the message in a certain manner. Generally, each written piece is created following the rules of one genre. However, there are texts, movies, etc. that can combine a few genres in. More specifically, in the literary world, the texts are usually written in either fiction or non-fiction form and fall under one of the following genres:

  • Classic

This genre is normally used for educational purposes. The books of this genre are written in classic fiction form and contain textbooks that are used by students in educational establishments (high schools and colleges).

  • Crime

This genre places crime at the top of discussion. The books written in this genre speak about crimes and criminals, about why the crimes are committed and how the criminals are caught, etc.

  • Drama

The drama genre entails different stories written in a form of prose, poems, etc. Besides, this genre also includes movies and some books where conflicts and emotions are depicted using numerous dialogues and actions.

  • Fable

In this genre, serious problems are discussed in a supernatural way. The intention here is to make people and children understand complex things in a simple manner. Very often, animals are the main characters in fables.

  • Tales

The list of types of writing genres also includes tales. This genre tells about mystical creatures, such as dwarfs, fairies, etc. Any store containing such characters can be regarded as a tale.

  • Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is a genre that presupposes that fans of some particular piece write stories about the main characters, locations, etc. that were created by someone else. They can take characters from books or movies and create some sort of parallel stories that do not influence the main story plot.

  • Fantasy

The name of the genre explains its essence. The characters and places discussed in such stories are creations of the writer’s fantasy and, as a result, they may seem unusual or even strange for the readers.

  • Folklore

This genre deal with different myths and legends that are part of some particular culture. They are usually shared between generations both in written and word of mouth.

  • Graphic Fiction

This genre is a relatively new one and is represented by graphic novels and comics.

  • Historical

This genre deals with fictional historical events and characters. They are normally placed within a historical setting. However, real people can also be mentioned in this context. They usually interact with the fictional characters to create a sense of mixed reality.

  • Horror

This genre is aimed at creating a feeling of fear among the audience. However, despite a general perception that this genre presupposes creating a bloody picture of violence, it can also use another tool to reach its goal.

  • Humor

The aim of this genre is to make the audience laugh. Entertainment is the main goal of this genre. However, to offer the audience good humor, it must contain some underlying concept of idea.

  • Mystery

The list of types of writing genres also includes mystery. It is a genre that revolves around some secret. Very often, murder is a central event of the stories of this genre.

  • Mythology

Mythology is the genre that involves narratives that have become a part of a particular culture. Different religious and human events can be at the center of these narratives. The ideas provided in this genre have different meanings that can be interpreted by the readers in their way.

  • ⦁ Realism

The stories written in this genre represent true-life events. Different TV series and books can be created in the genre of realism.

  • Science Fiction

The main idea of this genre is to show the influence of science on human life. The stories of this genre can be written from any time perspective and can also describe alien civilizations. One of the specific features of this genre is that it can be used in combination with any other genre.

  • Short Stories

Short stories can be written in any other genre. However, a disadvantage of this genre is that these stories can have only one storyline without any sub-plots.

  • Suspense

A specific feature of this genre is that it presents a situation in which the main characters experience some situation where they can be harmed in some way. The goal of such a story is to show how the characters avoid being harmed.

  • Tall Tales

The stories in this genre are unrealistic and present situations that are sufficiently exaggerated.

  • Western

This genre is used for telling stories about a particular time in the US that happened in the Old West. They are characterized by such elements as romance, heroism, suspense, etc.

There are also different genres that characterize non-fiction writing. Some of them include essays, tutorials, guides, textbooks, etc.
Knowing the audience helps the writers to succeed in writing stories using a particular genre.

Types of Writing Genres Sample

Why People Read and Enjoy Certain Genres of Writing

Different writers create different types of books for various purposes. Similarly, different readers read different genres of books with their own purposes. A reader may read with an aspiration of being educated on a certain matter, to get some form of entertainment, seeking certain information or while others find reading to bepersuading. Reading is defined as a multifaceted cognitive course to decipher words with the aim of deriving a certain meaning and accordingly making a conclusion about something. Consequently, there are different forms of reading that is rather imperative and crucial to note. These forms are undoubtedly reliable in elucidating why different individuals read and enjoy various types of genres that consist of scanning, skimming, extensive reading, and intensive reading. While scanning involves running one’s eyes over rapidly to get the general idea of a piece of writing, skimming entails a nippy scan in the search of a specific type of information. On the other hand, extensive reading encompasses lengthy texts either for pleasure as well as seeking knowledge. Correspondingly, intensive reading occurs in the case of diminutive wordings while trying to precisely extract particular information that one deems important. Reading can be fascinating and certainly appealing depending on the type of text and the purpose involved.

This paper will explicate the reasons why people read and enjoy certain genres of writing, unambiguously unveiling the reading process involved in each. 

Some people consider reading certain forms of writing to be a source of ways to help them improve their own critical and creative thinking. This is certainly because recent studies have unveiled that critical and creative thinking is heightened by reading. It helps such readers improve their universal knowledge, and more significantly, they become able to mark models more rapidly than those who do not read. Consequently, the fact that one can rapidly spot patterns or models justifies why critical and creative skills are perked up because of reading. Reading with this intention is usually involving one to settle in a quiet and serene environment in a bid to be in a position to grasp the content. This is purposely because the person will definitely need to apply the same measure in scrutinizing another text. For instance, an individual who seeks to uncover bias and prejudice would need to extensively read a particular text with the aim of being equipped with the relevant know-how in a bid to critically and creatively deal with the unfolding events and situations. Besides, the need for proper and appropriate decision making requires a critical and creative thinking which in turn makes reading important to get relevant skills that are extremely reliable in making good and conscious decisions. For example, students in colleges who take management as a course read certain books which are considered relevant to equip them with vast knowledge in the field of management so that their critical and creative thinking is enhanced to make managerial decisions when they need it. Consequently, they are able to relate issues concurrently and make conclusion regarding the subject at hand. The desire to improve one’s own critical and creative thinking in dealing with situations explicates why people read and get fascinated with certain genres of writing.

Secondly, people read with the aim of enriching themselves with various vocabularies. Different writers use words to pass a message to the society. Books and various genres of writing initiate us to new philosophies and provide an extensive selection of words to people. The more books one reads, the more he/ she gets intelligent with the use of words in conversations as well as writing. The contemporary world has become increasingly multifarious and full of uncertainty in everyday life.  The dynamic nature of human life has dictated change in every aspect and has become almost inevitable to escape change in the society. This is to mean, the diction in which we are engulfed  has also been affected as time goes by. Reading has become essential to almost everybody be it in Internet, publications, archives or even research. The need for varieties of words in different aspects of life has made it necessary for people to read as many books as possible to gather an enormous glossary of words relevant to his/ her line of life and work. Even reading one ostensibly more primordial pulp imaginary tale book every month is said to augment one’s personal glossary with dozens of new words, helping one to build more succinct sentences and express oneself better. The choice of words by a speaker usually speaks a lot about the reading habits of a person. Additionally, individuals who seek to make their speech more intellectual and sophisticated find it necessary to read an extensive variety of genres. Even though some individual may find it easy watching certain television programs and documentary movies with an aim of improving and widening their vocabulary, reading becomes more effective and imperative as they can easily refer to the books in the event of a concept or word that has been forgotten. Reading is reliable because, it operates with both visual and audio receptors, which makes it essential and a reliable source of new and unique words. Into the bargain, reading makes our imagination to reproduce cerebral pictures of what we are reading about, in that, any new word is automatically linked to a definite image and a certain feeling that is related to it. Consequently, reading books is considered to be a reliable source of learning and developing one’s vocabulary at any age.

Reading aid one to improve his/ her own memory. For instance, reading is used by school teachers as an important tool used to encourage children to tell or retell a story they have read in their own words. This in turn will stimulate imagination and language development.  Memory development is also enhanced when remembering the story.  Although a broad range of books are crucial it is even more essential when re-reading the books because it helps children understand the story more as they notice new things making them become good memorizers. Consequently, their memory capability is triggered allowing them to keep an ample array of vocabulary as they advance in life. In addition, people who have memory lapse or suffering from amnesia are usually provided with memory aids such as a memory notebook which contain their personal information as well as  a calendar of events depicting what, where and when is to be done. Moreover, certain group of people such as the aged may find it easy to read certain writing that they might have read a couple of years ago with the aim of bringing back their memory and certainly remember some things that might have transpired at an early age. Notably, people may find it peaceful and enjoyable reading certain genres of writing purposely to improve their memory ability. 

Some people read certain genres of writing, which they deem relevant to help improve their writing skills. Because reading improves one’s own vocabulary as well as helps one to become a critical and creative thinker, most people longing to become good writers find it crucial to engage in reading of certain genres of writing with a view of generating certain ideas that will help them communicate whatever piece of writing they wish to share. Some people read with a view of finding out the flaws committed by some writers and from there, they are able to correct and improve their writing skills. Consequently, they are able to avoid such weaknesses and develop better pieces of work and hence produce a masterpiece. Reading also provides one with new expressions, phrases and idioms that can be helpful in improving the writing skills of an individual. It has been proven beyond doubt that people with good reading skills are certainly able to write well. Reading as has been mentioned before is an efficient instrument that aids in developing vocabulary and grammar and definitely improves writing skills. Therefore, people read different types of literature which they consider helpful in increasing and civilizing general knowledge, which in turn enables one to become more critical and creative in designing and writing a piece of work. For instance, literature students read various literature books and articles with a am of gaining writing skills and are able to produce their own writing.  As long as writing is also a profession, various people would want to emerge as beautiful and competitive writers; consequently, they are obliged to engage in extensive writing with an aim of improving their skills. That is to say, if one limits him/herself to puny stories and books that are not well edited or those writing considered substandard, his/ her work will not be competitive enough and interesting to read. A well-read writer has a better handle on vocabulary, comprehends the tones of language, and develops an appreciation for excellence in writing. This indeed clarifies the fact why people read certain genres of writing.

Additionally, different people read various genres of writing to expand their knowledge and concept about certain phenomena as well as the world in which they live. People have come to understand that the more one reads, the more open he/ she becomes in thinking. Besides, some people read certain genres of writing to gain a better understanding of them, to see their own dilemmas as well as understand certain phenomena and are able to explain why something is the way it is and endeavor to relate things. People also read with a view of getting information that can only be found in books. Certainly, people who engage in extensive reading of different materials tend to analyze things differently from those who do not read. This is because reading provides one with a vast knowledge about people, places as well as an understanding of other people's behavior and way of life. Reading to gain knowledge may involve reading any kind of book relevant to the question at hand. Depending on the book one chooses to read, they all contribute to increasing the awareness of people and society because all books are an addition of the author's skill and acquaintance together with imagination. Certainly, reading the right category of books or a piece of writing , which are well-researched and well-documented by certified and well-established authors, it is undoubtedly possible that people tend to get plenty of knowledge, which is vault to increase their mental aptitudes. Nevertheless, some people regard reading as a very commanding way of communication. This is indeed true because, authors write different books with the aim of passing knowledge to the readers either by warning against something such as the dangers of drug abuse. Writing can definitely be an optimistic manipulate on people who read certain genres of writing. The more one engages in reading various books, journals and articles among others, the more ideas he / she develops. Discriminatory reading for instance helps in building up knowledge while becoming much more capable of evaluating and criticizing others and situations in life.  Reading encourages people to be broadminded by providing one with a variety of knowledge; consequently, one is able to make the precise and unprejudiced judgment on others.

Reading can also be a source of relief. Empirical studies have unveiled that indeed reading relieves one from stress and enhance serenity. Some people find reading certain genres of writing to be soothing. When reading, it calms them down making them forget different kinds of problems while buying time in developing the way forward. Some even make it a habit in that, they rely on reading to make them quiet and still. Reading indeed can be a brilliant and healthy get away from the stress of everyday life. Reading encourages body relaxation by lessening one’s rate of heart beat and consequently easing the tension in his / her muscles. It works better, faster and healthier than other relaxation methods, such as listening to music, watching television or even drinking a hot cup of coffee. Some people who wish to run away from their stress usually find a book or a magazine that arouses their interest they then find a quiet and serene place where they settle quietly for some time and read a book or an article of their choice.

Some individuals also consider reading as a source of inspiration. Reading helps one to create mental illustrations for what he / she reads. A part from watching television, reading books can make an individual become an artist and a creator of his or her own psychological cartoons, movies or image collections. That is, every picture created is automatically assigned a certain sensation, whether a straightforward or a more convoluted one. Books are indeed an incessant source of inspiration and stimulus in becoming an intellectually superior person. Other people find reading certain genres of writing as an implausible way to learn the technique of writing as early discussed. By paying a close attention to whatever one is reading one is able to learn a lot about structure, plot, character development and more from reading the works of other writers. Such readers are keen to notice where the clues were planted in a mystery or where the turning points come. They learn about the authors’ creative use of dialogue, development of stories within a story among others. Consequently, one may be inspired to write his own work to prove his / her capability in writing. Besides, some individuals read some specific texts and books for inspirational purposes such as reading the Bible. People who understand the significance of the Bible, they occasionally read the different verses to be inspired to live positively.

Furthermore, some people rely on certain books as the only source of wisdom. Undeniably, this seems to be true because individuals who extensively read different books, they are as well enriched with a vast knowledge that enhances their wisdom. Apart from gaining knowledge, individuals also read certain genres of writing such as those who read the Bible or Quran or any other religious texts believe that they will get equipped with wisdom which will enhance them to tackle and wisely handle disputes. People who read books with an endeavor to get wisdom do not necessary read extensively but rather scan or skim to get one essential point that would seemingly help them feel contented. 

Lastly, reading for pleasure or intellectual entertainment is also a reason to read. Usually, this aspect of reading is ignored because of the dynamics that have constantly shaped the lifestyle of many individuals. For instance, some individuals prefer reading comics and cartoons as a source of entertainment. Additionally, many of the contemporary texts have elements of humor, fantasy and a variety of fiction stories which people find entertaining to read. Some even prefer novels even though they can watch them as movies. This is because of the fact that, books are very convenient to carry everywhere one goes for example when travelling long distances. 

In a nutshell, the forgoing discussion has unveiled that reading is a very vital aspect in everyday life. People can never avoid reading because it is a part and parcel of their existence. Reading is inborn to some individuals and they often read because they cannot do without it. The paper has explicitly tackled the reasons and importance of reading as either to get a general knowledge about the universe, the need to develop and improve one’s own critical and creative thinking, which may be vital in making key decisions, the need to gain a better understanding about certain vocabularies and get new words, some individuals also consider reading as a source of inspiration, while others rely on reading purposely to relieve themselves from stress and have peace of mind. Accordingly, the discussion has also revealed that some people read with the aim of improving their memory whereby it was discussed that reading acts like a memory enhancer which gradually helps an individual to improve the  memory. Some individuals also read certain genres which they consider to be reliable sources of relevant and competent writing skills. Moreover, the discussion also depicted that, some people fancy reading because they find it a better supply of intellectual entertainment.