The legalization of marijuana remains one of the widely discussed burning issues of the modern world. It seems to be controversial and insignificant in comparison to still existent autocratic societies, failed democracies, and atrocious political conflicts. Yet, various researches, academic and amateur ones, point at the hidden importance of this subject matter. When you begin exploring this topic for your marijuana legalization essay and collecting information on the advantages and disadvantages of this drug, you will come across different subjective and objective viewpoints. Yet, it is crucial to focus on medical cannabis, as the legalization of the drug has nothing to do with having fun but helping people who truly need it.

You will further understand why legalizing marijuana is a worldwide debate, specifically in the sphere of healthcare. Besides, if you try to find a sample of a similar essay on the web, you will surely come across numerous articles. However, if you delve deeply into the available research papers, you will understand that this topic has been explored superficially. In any case, it is your chance to make a difference by producing a meaningful academic article.

When you are assigned with a marijuana essay, you should treat this subject seriously. The main problem of many students is that they often perceive such topics as entertaining ones. In contrast, you have to be ready to express an unpopular opinion, which may be even condemned by most conventional communities. Therefore, this task is not easy at all. You will encounter numerous challenges, but you should concentrate on collecting strong arguments based on the verified statistics and facts.

This very article is aimed at contributing to your writing goal. Our experts compiled the necessary tips and facts you need to know when investigating such a contradictory topic.

As cannabis legalization is an all-embracing matter, we will narrow it down to the fluctuating views on the issue in the United States.

True Facts about Marijuana

When writing why marijuana should be legalized essay, it is essential to know some historical background regarding the issue. It is interesting to compare and contrast the attitude of American citizens towards the usage of cannabis throughout decades.

While only 12% of Americans did not mind the legalization of cannabis in 1969, nowadays the number of medical marijuana proponents has increased dramatically to over 60%. The number of advocates of marijuana usage for therapeutic purposes has started to grow since 2000. The subsequent decade brought more and more supporters, but the social votes for marijuana legalization reached majority only in 2013. It is noteworthy that voters from Washington and Colorado instigated special initiatives aimed to make the cannabis sale lawful for adults. Those initiatives were not even related to the medical purposes. The increasing support of the issue was evident among Democrats. Yet, 4 years later, Republicans voted for marijuana legalization as well. The major focus has remained on the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis. Finally, healthcare representatives began spreading information on the beneficial effects of cannabis on certain patients (predominantly the ones suffering from acute pain or severe depression). More and more researchers have been conducting experiments on certain types of this herbal drug and simultaneously proving its favorable effect. Yet, the state authorities do not hasten to legalize marijuana despite many positive arguments of professionals.

Proponents of medical cannabis state that it is an unfair myth to even consider it a harmful drug, as it cannot be compared to other genuinely dangerous substances, which cause addiction. Nevertheless, they emphasize its careful usage, recommending it only to those who have proven psychophysiological problems. The statistic shows that less than 10% of individuals are inclined to get addicted to marijuana. Meanwhile, 15% of people tend to get addicted to cocaine and 25% of individuals cannot live without heroin after trying it. Despite the fact that the percentage of the alternative addictions is insignificantly higher, being addicted to cannabis is never said to have lethal consequences unlike other drugs we mentioned. For this reason, some researchers say that marijuana is not just less harmful than opioids and alkaloids, but it is, in fact, a much more beneficial substitute for cigarettes and alcohol.

Marijuana Legalization Essay Tips

If you are allowed to compose an essay about marijuana, choosing either a side of opponent or a proponent, then you may also focus on the risks of cannabis consumption. Ironically, marijuana popularization and its legalization in such prosperous countries like the Netherlands will likely turn your opposing opinion into the minority standpoint. Thus, it is even easier to come up with reasons for cannabis legalization rather than against it.

Despite the chosen position, a typical mistake of many passionate students is expressing subjective opinions without referencing the reliable sources. It is great if you have a strong viewpoint on the matter, but it should be necessarily backed by evidence and credible research.

The structure of your marijuana legalization essay is typical. Yet, the following tips will help you start, compose, and end your paper smoothly.

  • Dedicate some time to brainstorming. Initially, you can write down your thoughts on the issue, not looking through the sources. It may help you come up with the right approach to the subject matter.
  • Proceed to researching the authoritative literature. It is advantageous to seek information in scholarly journals if you write about medical cannabis. Interviews with experts and public questionnaires also help to form a rational standpoint.
  • Do not neglect creating a marijuana essay outline: it will significantly save your time, as you will instantly see your paper’s logical framework.
  • Make up an intriguing title. Although the topic is enticing itself, the title may be a decisive factor in attracting your readers.

You may still feel puzzled regarding the right direction of this controversial topic if you haven’t explored it before. Therefore, online samples may help you understand what was written before and what aspects have been unexplored.

Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know

If you decide to choose the supporting side, you should present not only well-checked reasons for legalization of marijuana, but also try to disprove the opinions of its main challengers. Predominantly, you should rely on facts and statistics, which are not outdated ones. Read through all the chosen facts attentively to discern any possible contradictions with your arguments.

Let us view the trendiest reasons for cannabis legalization particularly in the US.

  1. Reduction in prescription drugs consumption

Some modern researchers have carried out experiments on the effect of painkillers and compared them to the effect of cannabis usage. They were surprised to find out that medical marijuana has had fewer side effects and patients have been recovering much more quickly. Besides, it is well-known that such pain medications as Oxycodone and Morphine are dangerous when misused and only doctors can control the right doses. The most positive aspect of medical cannabis is that there is a possibility for it to be prescribed and then bought in any local drugstore, as the overdose is highly unlikely. Hence, there have been ongoing debates on the substitution of traditional painkillers with marijuana.

  1. Economic benefits of cannabis legalization

As in the case with the Netherlands, marijuana legalization made Dutch economy even more affluent. Yet, despite advertising various types of cannabis, they mostly promote its general usage, not for medical purposes. The truth is, even if we reduce cannabis legalization to the health sector, it will result in tremendous economic growth. The logic is simple: when something is illegal for hundreds of years, making it lawful attracts the majority of the general public. There is also a peculiar situation in Colorado, which is one of the states that legalized medical cannabis in the early 2000s. Moreover, it moved further to legalize “weed” for recreational purposes. The profit Colorado obtained amounted to 116 million dollars and it is growing year by year. This is one of the compelling facts, which can be included in your next essay on marijuana.

  1. Medical benefits of Cannabis

Marijuana definitely has positive effects on human health. The most important thing is that it should be prescribed individually after close examinations of its every potential taker. The facts speak for themselves. For example, healthcare experts from Florida and California have been using cannabis as a supplement to treating bipolar disorder, arthritis, anorexia, and even AIDS and cancer. Studies show that this psychoactive drug minimizes the symptoms of depression, combats insomnia, and helps to get rid of anxiety.

These are justified reasons why the rest of the states can follow the path of those like Colorado, California, and Florida, which proved marijuana legalization to be more helpful than harmful.

A good sample of marijuana legalization argumentative essay


Legalization of marijuana is a sensitive issue for debates, which have been lasting not for years but for centuries. In fact, restricting the sale of marijuana was first introduced in the 15th century. Although a lot of concessions were made since that time, the issue still remains a problem not only for national legislators but also for the world’s ones. Legalization and prohibition of marijuana in some countries complicates the solution of this issue even more. Some states or countries want to legalize marijuana for medical use while others want to legalize it for recreational use. At the same time, other countries believe that marijuana should be legalized without any restrictions. There are numerous reasons why marijuana should be legalized, and some of them are particularly credible.

Medical Use

Marijuana has been used successfully to help people suffering from serious illnesses, such as cancer patients. In the case of legalization, cancer patients will not have to go to other states that legalized marijuana. It will improve their lives and make them feel better. However, many patients are afraid to take marijuana since it is stigmatized. In addition, the legalization will allow patients to freely buy and use marijuana for medical purposes without going to any lengths to get one.

Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Drinking alcohol and using prescription drugs kills more than 200,000 people each year. In turn, marijuana is safe to use. No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Moreover, about 20 million people use marijuana annually and this number is growing every year. In particular, there is a demand growth among teenagers and young people. Illegal buying of marijuana can provide adolescents with an access to more harmful and illicit drugs. The legalization of marijuana would eliminate this dangerous problem.

Saving Legal Costs and Reduction of Prison Overcrowding

Every day hundreds and thousands of people are arrested for use or possession of marijuana, leading to overcrowding of prisons and excessive legal costs. Legalization of marijuana would eliminate court costs and give judges an opportunity to come to grips with major court cases. In turn, prisons are overcrowded with detainees arrested because of marijuana. Feeding and keeping a schedule of prisoners charged with the possession of marijuana costs taxpayers billions of dollars. In addition, there is a need for additional funds required for the construction of new and more spacious prisons to accommodate these prisoners.

Marijuana as an Additional Source of Income

Income is of crucial importance for any city, region or country. Marijuana is the largest seed culture and its legalization will make it possible to create more jobs in the region or country. More jobs mean more income for the economy. The taxes that can be collected from the sale of marijuana represent a large income, which can be extremely useful for implementing many state initiatives and programs. Legalization of marijuana will save the income of a state and help its citizens.

Environmental Safety

Unlike many other crops that require the use of fertilizers and chemicals for their growth, the marijuana cultivation needs very little fertilizers or chemicals. Also, marijuana is resistant to pests. This feature obviates the need to use insecticides, which get into the soil and thereby pose a risk for a human health and the environment. Therefore, marijuana is ecologically safe.


Thus, there is a lot of reasons for the legalization of marijuana. Such drug as marijuana should serve the well-being of people or be used for medical purposes. Legalization of marijuana means another step towards the freedom of the individual.

Concluding words

Despite your positive or negative attitude to cannabis consumption, your legalization of marijuana essay should be based on facts and opinions of experts. is a reliable writing platform. Here you can find professionals with solid experience in the field of medical academic writing. Whenever you find it hard to cope with a controversial topic, address our team of academic writers, and the most suitable author will complete your order.