Have you already prepared yourself psychologically to burn a midnight oil for the sake of writing your med school admissions essay? Hopefully, yes, as this task requires even more efforts than a usual admissions essay in other spheres, given the fact that from 50% to 70% applicants to versatile medical schools constantly experience rejections of their candidatures. Of course, there is a high probability that a striving medical trainee like you is attentive enough to follow all the guidelines of the chosen med school. However, it is wrong to rely only on Google, searching for the finest example of such personal statements. On the contrary, the team of Essays-Lab.com has special writers of medicine and healthcare-related issues and, logically, we know everything about med school personal statements.

While your GPA and MCAT scores, especially excellent ones, show that you have veritable knowledge, your med school personal statement will express much more. It will reveal the essential individual qualities needed for the chosen field, your possible medical internship experience, as well as your sources of inspiration that endowed you with the proper healthcare-related values.  This is an opportunity to imagine yourself a professional physician and illuminate your major goals for pursuing medical career.

AMCAS Personal Statement Prompt You Need as a 2020-2021 Applicant

The AMCAS personal statement encourages you to create a unique med school admissions essay. You have to write something that stands out among other candidates.

Before you start to ponder on your medical aspirations and even prior achievements as a volunteer or an assistant, it is favorable to answer the following questions:

  • What attracts you in the medical field?
  • Why do you regard knowledge about medicine as something quintessential?
  • Can you disclose an exceptional information about yourself to medical schools that was not mentioned before in similar applications?

Sometimes, it is beneficial to include even negative experience that turned into achievements. You can tell about:

  • Impediments and challenges, which became positive triggers and motivated you to pursue a career in medicine.
  • Unsteady educational records, inconstant grades that you earned not because of your idleness but special events (for instance, you volunteered somewhere in the healthcare sector and skipped your classes).

You can jot down these prompts to keep an eye on them, as representatives of admissions committees pay attention to the answers to analogous questions. It is likely you will encounter an open-ended third question that will make your personal statement more complicated.

Produce A Supreme Medical School Personal Statement with the Following Questions-Steps

The significant advice is: medicine does not need flowery language, so instead of singing odes to medicine, be specific about your career aspirations and practical goals. However, of course, some part of philosophy can be present as well if you diligently answer the question: Does medicine reflect your personality? Other brainstorming questions will help you to find the most compelling ideas:

  1. Why do you want to acquire profound medical knowledge?
  2. Is there an outstanding personal fact related to your future career that you would like to disclose?
  3. Can you share your special childhood memories that are possible triggers of your healthcare-related strivings?
  4. Is your family an inspiration for you as an example of good physical and mental health?
  5. Do you remember your first childish impression on your visit to the doctor?
  6. Does your interest in medical field stem from childhood? If yes, can you tell this story?
  7. How have you understood that your medical aptitude is better than those of your peers?
  8. Do you have a medical apprentice experience? Have you worked as a volunteer in a healthcare sector or shadowed a physician?
  9. Have you carried out any medical-related investigation or, at least, survey?
  10. Have your challenges become your strengths? What have you learnt from obstacles?
  11. Have you been involved in an extracurricular work for other medical schools or institutions?
  12. Has your volunteering experience influenced your priorities and ambitions?
  13. What was the decisive moment that made you prioritize medical career?
  14. Is becoming a doctor your life-long determination?
  15. Was it your independent choice to apply to medical school?

Apparently, your med school admissions essay cannot consist of all the answers to these questions. These are the prompts you may use to set your contextual priorities. Your final draft will have to cover only the quintessential points that embody your experience, knowledge, and strivings.

Although a medical worker is not necessarily an eloquent writer, your coherent attention-grabbing personal essay will demonstrate a high level of communication skills along with your preparedness to become genuine physician.

Outline the Structure and Your Focal Points

Before you immerse in writing:

  • Write down the features of the seamless med school personal statement;
  • Dedicate some time to brainstorming;
  • Envision your target audience;
  • Memorize the most vivid prompt questions and try to answer them.

Outline hints before you start writing:

  • Coherent structure
  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs
  • Conclusion
  • How to avoid typical med school essay mistakes
  • Give thought-provoking examples
  • Address the general public, not the doctors’ community
  • Sound as professionally as possible

After the initial draft is done, give answers to these questions:

  • Does your personal statement make you stand out?
  • Is your essay readable and interesting?
  • Did you use a grammar and spell checker?
  • Have you included surveys or comments?
  • Have you come up with an enticing final note? 

Medical School Personal Statement Examples for Scholarships (Nursing School Admission Essay)

If you need to get inspired, you can view the following personal statement examples that helped many individuals to win scholarships.


The moment I started a new life in America, i confirmed my real fervor in life that is to offer nursing care for patients with disabilities as a registered nurse. I pursued a nursing program at Nashua Community College where i completed 35 credits toward my bachelor in this field with a GPA of 3.77.Then I worked in two different support care units. I am frank in saying that I enjoy supporting and caring for others as it is my life’s assignment to ease the discomforts of the people affected with developmental disabilities. As a result of taking part in many community events sponsored by the two major companies that i have worked for, I have realized the significant role I can play as a health care specialist representing the entire American community.

I am therefore applying for the graduate program of Nursing in the Nursing School at the YYY State University so that I can be able to offer expert nursing care to the best of my capabilities. The training and instructions offered by this program in this university will help me in the preparation of assuming a more challenging position in the field of nursing.

Personal information and background

I was born in West Africa in Cameroon and hence am capable of speaking all official languages in Cameroon especially English and French. I am a mother of three young children whom i love and care for with a passion. I completed my first degree in the year 1998 where I pursued a bachelor in French Law from the University of Dschana Cameroon. I was not able to give back to the community the knowledge and experience of this degree, but I found myself really fervent about providing health care to the patients and so i paid attention to my calling and started my bachelor degree at Nashua Community College in the U.S.A. In this college, I have so far completed 35 credits toward my bachelor degree in Nursing with a GPA of 3.77. I have shown my experience in care giving by working as a Director Support Associate for Easter Seals NH and Gateways Community Services companies. My major work in these companies was to help children, young people and adults affected by developmental disabilities.

My passion


Through my knowledge and experience in nursing, I would like to be a family nurse practitioner so as to help in offering more dedicated care particularly for patients with developmental disabilities. In addition, I would like to be part and parcel of the health care providers so as to fill in the gap for health care professionals that represent and appreciate the African-American community in the entire America.

I am dedicated to full realization of my goals and objectives through determination. Since I take pleasure in the life to the maximum, I would like to help people share this positive attitude irrespective of their conditions. I will ensure that those people i care for keep a positive outlook and in one way or the other motivate them to treasure more in their lives.

I have constantly been very industrious and have work very hard to fulfill my dreams by pursuing a bachelor in nursing in this country. Additionally, I am hardworking and responsible and hence I have all the good reasons to be transferred into the YYY State University to pursue a graduate program.

Medical School Personal Statement Assistance from Essays-Lab.com

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