You might undervalue the significance of questions being certain that the answers are the ones that matter. But I do believe that questions mean much more than the answers. Books and conversations with smart people helped me to realize that.

Of course, starting with school, you tend to be rewarded for the quality of your answers, not the questions. Have you ever thought how incredibly useful the right question at the right time can be? How does it work? Very simple. It is the answer that the right question can spark, the one that changes your life.

Voltaire famously said:

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

Constantly asking yourself the right questions at the right time, you are likely to change anything, and even more, you may find the answers you’ve been searching for so long. How to make it happen? Form a habit of asking yourself the deeply personal questions all the time.

The suggested questions to think about concerns three areas that definitely have the potential to totally change everything about what you do. Let’s start to see how it actually works.


Life in General

A few yes/no questions will help you identify how you feel in general and find out who you are. What if you got stuсk somewhere or something just went wrong? What if you lost the main focus in your life? Are you satisfied with your life? What if you definitely need to change something but obviously have no idea what exactly and where to start? 

Answering them mind to do it honestly, the chronological order is up to you.

  1. When I hear the word “happiness” do I know what it means? Can I say I am happy?
  2. Can I say I am grateful?
  3. Does my job bring me pleasure? Do I like it?
  4. Do I feel good?
  5. How much time do I spend on my education? And do I feel it’s enough?

These quick questions are of a great importance especially if you have at least one “no” answer to any of them. You might go through life ungrateful, miserable, and feeling bad for a long period of time. Let’s be honest, we all experience that thing from time to time. Raising the suggested questions, you acknowledge your possible problem the same way speeding up the solution.

The above questions concern not only you, they are about the others. How can you lift the spirits of the people who surround you when you are unhappy and your mood seems to be the worst in the world ever? There is no need to explain why fixing your own happiness first is of a great value.

Besides being honest while answering those first five questions keep in mind to do it quickly. Think well about the way you feel and remember you do it for yourself. There is no need to impress anyone.

Some people tend to say that focusing on your personal happiness is a selfish thing, but that’s a very ignorant and limited perspective for sure.

Making yourself happy you ensure yourself to have a better life, you make a smile on your face a daily habit. What’s more, you provide yourself with the time and resources to help others.

How can a miserable person bring something good in the world, what to say about success?


Is a part of our life that requires our effort and time. As we spend a decent amount of time at work, it’s essential to get satisfaction from it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I learning any new things? It’s very crucial because only when you are learning, you are moving forward.
  2. Is my career going somewhere? And where? You should have a vision. If you have none — create one.
  3. Is my work meaningful? You need to be satisfied with your work at the end of the day. That’s why think well how meaningful it is.
  4. What else can I do that I’m not doing right now? The best way to learn new things is to look for ones to do at home and around the office.
  5. What are the ways to get better at what I do? You feel much more satisfied only when you see your development, how you are getting better at what you do. This way you have more power and enthusiasm to solve bigger problems and make a bigger impact.


Better said than done, right? A lot can be said, but it means nothing without execution, everyone knows that.

What concerns the productivity, one thing that does matter is how effective you are at executing. And by the way, are you effective at all? To figure out how good you are at executing, answer these questions:

  1. Can I say what my number-one priority is right away?
  2. Are there any ways how I can achieve my number-one priority faster? It no way goes about impatience. It goes about pushing yourself to find other possible ways which can be more creative and lead to faster results.
  3. Are there any things which I should give up doing? Time is priceless, beware not to waste it. Think thoroughly whether you have any tasks that are just a waste of your time and nothing else. You should identify those tasks if you have any and quit doing them.
  4. Are there any tasks that I avoid doing? Answer yourself with an open heart if you have any. What if the task you are procrastinating is of the extreme importance? Everyone has troubles with those tasks, those ones we should be doing but just avoid.
  5. What questions do I avoid asking myself? What if there some things that still remain unknown to you, something you aren’t asking yourself for various reasons. I do recommend keep questioning everything at any time. There are tons of questions which you aren’t asking yourself, believe me. But try to search for the unknown and reveal it. You might have no idea how much you still don’t know about yourself, that’s why you need to keep an open mind.

What am I searching for in life is a common issue for anyone? If you want to make your life meaningful and be satisfied with it, keep questioning yourself about every doubtful situation in your life at any time. It does help be sure!