Hangover is the price we need to pay for having too much fun the previous night. If you want to battle this frustrating state, you'll probably head to the drug store to look for a magical cure. However, most things might make the feeling less bad, but won't speed up your recovery.

Four Simple Things You Can Do to Get Rid of a Hangover Faster

Drink more

But of course not alcohol! Get yourself a big glass of cold water and chug it in one go after you've crawled out of bed. After a night of heavy drinking, it might be surprising that your body will still be dehydrated in the morning. It happens because all alcohol has a diuretic effect, simply speaking it makes you pee every half an hour. As a result, the next morning you're not just intoxicated but also dehydrated as if you've been walking through Sahara. That's why a good glass of water will help to stop the room from spinning and bile coming up your throat. It's also good to drink some water before going to sleep, but it depends on how drunk you are.

Take the Right Meds

It's hard to think clearly in the morning after heavy partying, so your first automatic reaction might be to reach your bathroom cabinet and swallow some aspirin. Don't do that! Many medications react badly when mixed with alcohol and might make your condition go from horrible to unbearable. The same refers to seemingly harmless painkillers you'd take to get rid of a headache. So before you take anything, make sure it goes well with alcohol and won't make you feel like you're about to die.

Think Ahead

Okay, you might find this advice annoying, but the best way to get rid of a hangover is to drink less in the first place. By this time, you probably already know your limit so you should be able to stop when it's beginning to get out of hand. Especially if you know you're a light drinker, you don't need to get wasted just to keep up with other people at the party. Hangover is a nasty state and it definitely does no good to your health so before reaching for another beer, think whether it's worth it.


As it was said, hangover is bad for your health, and while your mind might have had a ton of fun last night, your body was on a heavy duty and it's in a dire need of rest now. Do not (!) try to cure hangover with more alcohol as some people might recommend. All your body needs now is to restore itself, and it can be done only with enough water and rest.

There is no miraculous cure against hangover, and you won't be able to get back on your feet immediately. Hangover is a condition that needs time to get better so all you can do is wait. If you couldn't hold yourself back when drinking, that's the consequence you need to deal with.