Every year, on October 31, people turn into creepy supernatural creatures to celebrate one of the most popular holidays of our time - Halloween. Some of us spend this day only as guests, but others take great enjoyment in hosting these terrifying parties.

If you are going to be a host, you have two ways: either be classic and organize a cliché party with seas of blood or keep abreast with the times and make a modern and glamourous event.

So enjoy the following tips and don’t let your party be commonplace!

1. Choose the Genre of a Party

Decide what is the theme of your event and make sure you and your guests follow it.  In case there’s no theme of the event, some guests may even come without a costume and spoil the party mood.

2. Decoration

Right décor is incredibly important. If you want your event have a certain charm, don’t forget about it. It is necessary that your decorations reflect the theme of your party. Organize some cool places with decorations where your friends could take cool photos and make them talk about your party!

3. Location

If you host a party at home you can set up a tent in front of your house and make it look like a cave. Your guests can enjoy the atmosphere, music, and some messy games there and you can keep them away from your house. In case it’s a corporate event, you can book a hotel or a villa. They can provide you with their own decorations.

4. Halloween eats and drinks

Mixed neon cocktails, dyed snacks of different shapes, a cake as a centerpiece will definitely draw the attention.

5. Music

To create the proper mood, begin with classic Halloween music. Then you can turn on any cool DJ playlist.

6. Use a video projector

It’ll be great to display some scary movies parts, theme videos or even pictures of guests in costumes.

7. Games

Don’t forget about the theme. You can even use your own properly decorated household items to create a cool game, such as:

Poisoned Apple Bobbing

Crack the Skull

8. Entertainment

Apart from DJ, you can invite some magicians or fire-swallowers that will help you create a proper mood at the party.

Follow these tips and make your party memorable!