Applying to a university or nursing school, students have to write a why I want to be a nurse essay. It is a common practice to ask students to explain their reasoning for becoming nurses. Nursing is a responsible profession that requires from applicants a high level of devotion and dedication. An admission committee expects that applicants will develop strong arguments why they should be accepted. Having read thousands of essays and checking similar papers every year, an admission committee seeks the papers that will provide some unique and uncommon arguments. It is essential to make an essay personal because the examples you may take from your life are unique and may not be repeated. Only unique personal papers raise interest in the admission committee because it is easy to notice an Internet copied essay on why I want to be a nurse.

Writing a nursing essay yourself, you share your own passion for the profession. You are free to express personal ideas and justify your examples referring to your experience. It is a huge mistake to search for such essays online and try to paraphrase them. You may reach zero plagiarism but the ideas will not be unique, and it is visible. The main purpose of writing an essay on the nursing profession is to disclose your potential and to show an admission committee that you are the only person that deserves to be accepted.

The tutorial for writing an essay on why I want to become a nurse will be helpful.

What To Write In Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

  • Explain your justification of why you want to become a nurse
  • Provide examples of the events or people who have inspired you for applying to a nursing program
  • Present some academic interests you pursue while applying to this particular program
  • State your strong sides
  • Indicate the features of your character that will make you a perfect nurse
  • Develop your motivation of becoming a nurse

How To Write Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

  • Brainstorm the ideas and choose the point to wish to discuss. Develop a clear vision of what you want to focus on
  • Develop a strong topic and ensure that you stick to it throughout the writing
  • Remain focused to ensure that you sound informative
  • Keep the reader’s attention focused; do not deviate from the topic
  • Discuss positive issues only, even if the event that motivated you to become a nurse is not positive, focus on what you have carried out of this experience rather than on a negative experience itself
  • Follow the guidelines as you are sure to have some specific rules in terms of spacing and word count

Why I Want To Be a Nurse Essay Sample

There are many samples of essay writing online. At the same time, you should use those samples as a guideline only. Never copy any ideas, it is the wrong direction. Check the samples, become inspired by the perfect ideas, and write down your personal argumentation.

Why I Would Like to Be a Nurse?

Nowadays there is a fashionable tendency to choose a future profession by its prestige and, of course, an amount of financial compensation. However, I believe that a profession should be chosen according to one’s talent and faculties. That is why I would like to be a nurse, as the nursing career clearly reflects my goals and abilities. Moreover, my brother, who is an excellent doctor with an innate desire to help people and take care of them anytime, is a huge source of inspiration for me. Besides, I always set new goals to achieve; therefore, I choose nursing because it always offers many learning opportunities and new fields to explore. Furthermore, I am lucky because I had a great pleasure to meet some healthcare professionals and work with them for more than 8 years. I am completely impressed by their remarkable skills, diligence, and passion, which also influenced my choice of future profession. Despite having both strengths and weaknesses for the profession, I believe that nursing career will allow me to follow my inclinations to help people, realize my dreams, and make my own contribution to the noble cause of healthcare, which will be an important accomplishment in my life.

Naturally, strengths and weaknesses of one’s character can either help or hinder accomplishment of tasks in a certain job. I think my main strengths for nursing are intelligence and self-confidence. Moreover, I am determined, compassionate, responsible, punctual, patient, and hardworking, which will also help me in the nursing career. I believe that a nurse helps a person not only to fight an illness but also to relieve emotional suffering. The nurse should not only be a perfect specialist but also a friend who can listen to the patient’s problems, give him/her an advice and support. Therefore, the nurse needs a strong tact and emotional culture. I constantly improve my skills to perceive emotions and feelings of others and to be neat and conscientious in treating my future patients. Although I am too honest, strive for perfectionism and make excessive focus on details, I am convinced that these weaknesses will not interfere with my professional duties.

Although the profession of a nurse is necessary, it has numerous difficulties. The nurse must be very careful while giving medicines, doing a blood test, putting a patient on a drip, and even communicating with the patient. I dream of this profession despite the physical and psychological stress associated with it. I am ready to devote sustained effort to constantly improve my performance and avoid mistakes. Therefore, I will painstakingly carry out hard daily work, while learning new information and acquainting myself with all the innovations in healthcare.

In my opinion, life consists of steps that lead people to their main goal. A significant step for me was graduating from Miami Dade College with an AA degree. I am very proud of this accomplishment. Furthermore, I hope to succeed in the next meaningful endeavor. Undoubtedly, applying for the BSN program represents another great objective in my career. Hence, I desire to enter the program and become a qualified nurse, which will be a significant accomplishment for me.

In conclusion, I choose the nursing career as it totally represents my interests and aspirations. It will give me many opportunities to fulfill my desires. Being a nurse practitioner, I will be able to help people, reduce their pain, provide quality care, give frank emotional support, and save lives. Therefore, nursing career will enable be to share the warmth of my soul and use my professional skills to the benefit of the patients.