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Diabetes Essay Sample

Diabetes is metabolism disorder that affects the process of how human organism uses food. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to severe complications. A lot of people who have diabetes die because of these complications. Diabetes became a leading health problem in America. Several recommendations must be followed to minimize the development of diabetes.

Diabetes is a serious metabolism disorder. Metabolism is the process of how the body digests and uses food in order to enable growth and provide energy for the organism. According to Peacock, digested food provides glucose but to enter our cells glucose requires the help of insulin. There are two types of diabetes. The difference between the types is that in type 1 diabetes, the body is not able to produce insulin while in type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but the amount of it is not sufficient or the cells are not responding to insulin in a proper way.

If the diabetes is not controlled, it can lead to different complications, which can have a negative impact on all organs of the body. According to Matthews, Meston, Dyson, Shaw, King, and Pal, uncontrolled diabetes can affect blood vessels, heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, teeth and gums. People who suffer from diabetes have death rates from heart disease four times higher, than people who do not have diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes also leads to blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

Nowadays, diabetes has become a leading health risk in America. Approximately 8 percent of Americans suffer from diabetes. According to Peacock, the number of people who have diabetes is constantly growing. There is a possibility that in the near future, one in three Americans will have diabetes. Diabetes is expanding because of several reasons. First, there is a risk of developing diabetes with age. Second, a lot of Americans are Hispanic, and Hispanics have a higher risk of having a diabetes. Third, Americans have overweight problems and sedentary lifestyle, and these factors result in development of diabetes.

Prospective patients with type 2 diabetes should follow several recommendations. According to Matthews, Meston, Dyson, Shaw, King, and Pal, they must do specific exercises, stick to a diet, and take medication. Prospective patients must control their weight, thus they should have at least 150 minutes of physical exercising per week. People who have risk of developing diabetes must be on a healthy diet. They must also take medication which will enable their cells to react properly on glucose.

To sum up, diabetes is a serious metabolism disorder which affects the process of food digestion and usage by human body. It has become a leading health risk in America. In order to minimize the development of diabetes, prospective patients must follow several recommendations.