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According to the common synopsis definition, it is an in-depth summary of the written work that summarizes the content of the work in detail from the beginning until the end. Unlike an ordinary summary that implies a general overview of the story, a synopsis needs to focus on every plot detail including the beginning and the end of the work. Typically, the synopses need to be submitted to agents or the publishers when the work is written since it will help them understand the content better and focus on its potential. If you need to make a synopsis but you lack the time or writing skills, buy best synopsis at and forget about your problems. The professional writers working here will take care of every detail starting from the brilliant and authentic content to the proper organization.

A good synopsis needs to cover the resolution and the main conflict of the story describing the plot development, as well as the development of the main characters. If you need to write a synopsis, you should not also underestimate the value of proofreading since it helps to polish the synopsis until perfection.


Follow the Common Synopsis Outline Given Below

  • Start writing your synopsis right after completing the work. 

We assure you that the editors and publishers are interested in the completed manuscripts and if your work is incomplete, most probably, they will refuse to review it. Undoubtedly, when the work is complete, it will be much easier to write a good synopsis since it will enable the author to identify the main plot twists, conflict, and the key characters. All in all, knowing how the story end is vitally important for writing a synopsis since it should include this part as well.

  • Create a list of the main characters.

Almost all stories include a protagonist, an antagonist (villain), a love interest, and a sidekick. If there are many characters in the story, you need to mention the most important ones. In general, be sure to describe their qualities and motivation.

  • Sketch out the main plot points.

A good synopsis should cover the key narrative arc of the work. Usually, it does not include the subplots, unless they are important for the plot development. As such, you need to outline the conflict, the rising actions and the culmination of the story.

If your work is a memoir or the novel, you may include a one-sentence summary of each chapter. For instance: “A chapter in which Eliza meets John and falls in love with him.”

If you are writing a synopsis of the play or the screenplay, you need to include the list of actions in every act. For instance: “Walking in the park, Eliza meets a handsome man and cannot stop thinking about him.”

If you need to write a synopsis for a collection of short stories or poetry, feel free identify the main themes of every story. For instance, “This collection explores the concepts of human honesty, dignity, and innocence.”

  • Identify what makes your story unique and original.

We assure you that every publisher reads many synopses every week. To make your synopsis stand out of the crowd, you have to create some hook that will make your synopsis better than others. In order to do it well, feel free to answer the following questions:

  1. Does your story have a non-standard point of view? If yes, do not hesitate to mention it. You may say: “This story tells about the life of the last dwarf in the underground kingdom.”
  2. Does your story include an original twist? Be sure to mention this twist but do not forget to leave some mystery. For example: “Mary realizes that her brother could be just a pretender.”
  3. Does your story focus on the particular niche of the market? Do not hesitate to hell who can be truly interested in the story. For example, “This collection of poetry will be interesting to those, who witnessed the Cold War.”
  • Know your word limit.

Indeed, every publishing house has its own requirements for the length of the synopsis. If you want to succeed, you need to follow the requirements precisely. As such, before sending your synopsis to the publishing house, be sure to visit its website and learn the information that may be helpful. We assure you that significantly exceeding the required word count, you reduce your chances for success. Usually, a novel synopsis takes no more than 2 pages whereas the screenplay synopsis is usually one-page long.

  • Edit Your Synopsis.

Once again, check the guidelines carefully in order to understand all formatting guidelines. In general, all publishers want to see a double-spaced work written in Times New Roman 12-point Font. If there are no specific guidelines, add your name and the title of your work at the top of each page.

  • Proofread your synopsis carefully.

When submitting your synopsis to some publisher, you need to polish it and make sure it is totally free from any grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos. Also, you have to make sure that there are no clichés, unnecessary words or phrases. You need to know that wordiness is a serious mistake of those, who want to reach success in the literature area. If you feel that you are unable to find and fix all mistakes, we highly recommend you to hire a professional editor, who would do it for you.

Finally, sending the synopsis to different places, make sure that each of them is tailored to a specific publishing house. As you already know, every publishing house has specific guidelines, so you have to follow them precisely. For instance, one publishing house may ask for a one-page synopsis. In such case, focus only on the conflict of the story and the main characters. However, if the publisher allows five pages, be sure to include more details in your synopsis.

Send your synopsis within the deadline specified on the website. Make sure to add a query letter and samples. A query letter needs to contain a brief paragraph explaining your credentials, a short paragraph explaining why your submission should be accepted, as well as the short summary of your work. A sample may include one-two chapters of the work or one act of the screenplay. In most cases, you need to provide the very first chapters of your work.

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