Care Plan Examples

What Is a Perspective Nursing Care Plan?

When you are a student in a nursing school, then you are definitely given such a type of written assignments as a nursing care plan. It is evident that students should devote a lot of their efforts and time to preparing specific care plans for their classes. This assignment is given by teachers due to several purposes:

  • A care plan is used to provide a certain direction for the patient's individualized care. A care plan is based on every patient's list of diseases, diagnoses, and treatment provided. It should be arranged in accordance with all the specific needs of the patient.
  • A care plan is aimed at providing communication between a nurse, doctor, and patient, as well as coordinating the nursing staff actions. As the needs of the patient are of great significance, a care plan should constantly be updated by the nurses during their shifts.
  • A care plan assists the nursing staff in teaching and learning medical documentation and records. Such a plan should comprise the information regarding the observations, examinations, treatment, recommendations, instructions, etc. that either nurses, patients, or their family members should follow.
  • A care plan can be compared to a peculiar guide that is to help the nursing staff in taking care of the patient.
  • A care plan can be used not only by the nursing staff and doctors but also by the insurance companies in order to determine what sum of money should be paid out in relation to the care provided by the hospital to the patient.

The key goals of care plan preparation are to help students in combining various pieces of information from a wide range of disciplines and developing their analytical skills to solve different problems or issues in practice. As nursing students complete a lot of plans, they learn how to process information in an effective way. While working on the completion of care plans, nursing students can work out their own care plan template or use the already established nursing care plan template in a more detailed manner.

Nursing Action Plan Formats

There are four nursing action plan formats, such as nursing orders; problem list or nursing diagnoses; specific goals outcome criteria; and evaluation. According to the North American Nursing Diagnosis Organization-International (NANDA-I), a nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgment concerning potential or actual patient, community or family responses to experiences regarding life processes or health issues. It is applied to determine the preferable care plan for the patient. A nursing diagnosis is utilized in the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to provide direct communication among the nursing staff.

It is worth noting that a nursing diagnosis differs from a medical one. The latter is usually made by a specialist who is supposed to treat the patient. The former gives a detailed description of the psychological, socio-cultural, spiritual and physical responses of the patient to a specific illness / disease / malady or other health problems. For as long as an illness is observed, medical diagnosis is not changed, but a nursing one can change due to responses of the patient.

A nursing order is an instruction for a specific activity that will be performed by a nurse to help his / her patient to achieve the desired health care goals. A nursing order should include such information as: the date, direct instruction, area, order of instruction indicated, as well as the nurse's signature.

Anevaluation implies thata nurse will determine the patient's progress towards the efficiency of the care plan established and the achievements of the goals set.

A nursing care plan is also aimed at developing and constantly improving analytical and thinking skills of nursing students, as well as taking care of each patient on a more personal level.

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