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Customers that buy their essays from receive not only the best, highest possible quality writing. They also save a lot of time and money! As our way of showing our appreciation to our loyal customers, we offer an outstanding program of discounts that are included in addition to our regular low prices. 

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Please note that customers are required to apply their discount code each time when they submit the order. Discount codes are designated upon request from our customer service department. provides two kinds of discounts:

First of all, all of the customers who use our services for the first time get a pleasant 15% off their order. This kind of discount is applied only once.




  • All returning customers get a lifetime discount based on total number of pages ordered. After you total reaches 30 pages you get 5% off your next orders.
  • Previous discount is applied until your number of ordered pages reaches 50 pages and more. In that case, your discount will automatically upgrade to 10% off.
  • And the last, but not tha least, when number of pages ordered will become 100 and more, your lifetime discount will become 15% off all next orders.

We additionally offer custom discounts for larger orders. Please contact our customer service department if you have any requests or inquiries about how our discount program works. A customer service representative will be happy to explain the details. All information about our discount program is also detailed on our website. is always striving to improve our services and products for our customers. Our discount program is only one aspect of these efforts. These small touches are what sets apart from other online writing services. Try us today!

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