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The book ‘Heaven is for real’ is considered one of the New York’s bestselling books in the year 2010. Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent, the two authors of the book, give an account of a four-year-old son from a small town in Nebraska. It is a mysterious non-fictional book that has captivated the hearts of many. The young Boy Colton in the course of an emergency lip surgery in 2003 slipped into consciousness and went to heaven. The book out rightly passes a simple message that the heaven is a reality (Burpo & Vincent, 2010).


According to Colton, heaven is a place where great things occur. For instance, it is in heaven that he obtained knowledge concerning his unborn sister who nobody had told him about. In fact, he also met his great grandfather who died long ago. Colton also makes a claim in the book that he met Jesus riding on a horse (Burpo & Vincent, 2010). Colton’s father is responsible for giving the narrative of the book in line with his son’s words. Colton, who is the central character, appears to be very brave in his words. In fact, every reader is bound to admire the descriptive nature that Colt uses to make us understand paradise.

I consider the book as one of my preferred Christian literature. I identify a lot with the message that little Colton illustrated. For instance, in the past, I had a famous Christian minister speak about his vision concerning the heaven. I am amazed to note that their messages about Jesus and God are the consistent. I must admit that the most favorite part describes the presence of unborn children in heaven. For a long time, the destiny of the aborted and miscarried children has always troubled. The book gives a convincing answer to the question. I believe most religious folks will find much interest in this book. Consequently, I recommend this book to all Christians in the world.

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