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Music is common in all cultures around the world. The main perceptions of music that include behavioral development in children are affected by the level of exposure they get from music of a particular cultural background. Cultural variations in understanding of the message conveyed in music have been studied by specialists in cognitive psychology. Studies show that cultures perform music in a manner that demonstrates how they interact with people from other cultures and also as a way of illustrating their cultural heritage such as beliefs, values and ways of life . When music from different cultures are compared, it is found that there is a difference in the emphasis created by the music in a number of ways such as some forms of music emphasizing on cultural heritage while others emphasizing on the relationships between people. According to recent

Thesis Statement

It has been observed that different forms of music played in various cultures illustrate cultural interaction characteristics of the people who perform the music. This has been observed in the nature of characteristics of music performed by people of a number of cultures from different part of the world. Music is considered to be both human universal as well as varying across cultures and musical features are generally amenable to analysis that involves comparison. According to ethnographic analysis of human cultures, the use of songs is a significant unit of structure and functionality. Furthermore, songs have been used as methods of facilitating the analysis and classification of world music. For instance, it is clear that the nature of music from Chinese musicians is different from those of Arabic musicians of Spanish musicians. This is because; the manner in which people from these cultures relate to one another is different while the music they perform is a depiction of their cultures. This paper presents the manner in which music has been used to show cross-cultural interactions among people from various cultures. It also provides case studies in which music illustrates the culture of the people who perform the music and how the people interact across cultures.



Music has been used as a way of illustrating cross-cultural interactions among people of various cultures because it enables them express their emotions and in some cases, sons have been used as the national anthems of the respective countries of the singers. In addition, music of a particular kind has been used as a method of illustrating self-image of a particular country and also an illustration of how people of a particular cultural background behave. For instance, pop-stars have been involved in composing songs that illustrate the attitudes of their fans. For instance, the singer can represent himself in a dressing style that illustrates a particular cultural heritage and ensuring non-conformity identities are identified.

According to historians, songs are a reflection of the society and the culture from which people originate. The sons are the used as an illustration of the impression of historians about a particular culture . For instance, songs that discourage people from drinking were composed in America in the nineteenth-century when most Americans were involved in drinking compared to other activities such as the use of drugs. In a similar manner with this observation, musical product is an illustration of the society and its cultural characteristics.

Music is also used as method of enhancing social cohesion and illustrating political identity of a group of people . When social cohesion is accomplished among a group of people, they are mobilized into political actions and empowering of their countries so that social identity is created.

An example of Chinese music

An example of the role of music in lustrating cultural interaction has been observed in Chinese music. This is because the instruments used among Chinese musicians are those that were used in china since 14th century such as percussions and plucked instruments. In addition, most Chinese music involves the use of Horse-headed Fiddle which has been generally common among Mongolian music dating back to 1300. This is because Mongolian people were proud of their horse-headed legend that featured in horse races at the Dadam Fair. In addition, Chinese music has been observed to involve playing of lute (pipa). This is aimed at showing their loyalty to the founding Dynasty of Qin that used this instrument during entertainment sessions. There are a number of songs that have been composed in praise of this dynasty as well as the works of former rulers of Chinese empires.

An example of Arabic Music and Poetry

Another example of a case where music has been used as a way of illustrating cultural interaction is the Arabic music and poetry. Most Arabic music was composed in vernacular so that they could be understood by common people in Arabia. The music is used to illustrate the echelons of the Arabian society such as the behaviors they would like their women to have and performing arts that involve dances of Arabic culture. This ensures solidarity is achieved in supporting their cultural background. Currently, present classical music, opera and dances that feature regional and foreign musicians but the main songs and dances performed in Arabian cities involve those composed in Arabian language and musicians use Arabian attire and instruments as a way of communicating their cultural interactions.

Resuscitation has also been used in most musical sessions as a way of illustrating the Arabian culture. Another music festival that has been organized to enhance Arabian music is the Abu Dhabi Festival whose main function is to bring together musicians from different cultural groups in Arabic countries, performing artists from various countries in the Middle East so that they can display their cultures and learn about cultures of people from other countries in Arabic region. During this event, musicians from other countries are also allowed to perform so that cultural understanding of these musicians can be obtained. The events have involved the playing of flute that has been traditionally used by Arabs. This has enhanced cultural understanding of the ways of life of people in Arabian countries.

The Cases Study of Spanish Music

Spanish music is mainly evocative and colorful and involves infusion of rhythm due to high incorporation of dancing sessions. As a result of geographical location of Spain, it has borrower a number of musical and dancing characteristics from Arabic countries. For instance, it is observed that most Spanish musicians use guitar in a similar manner as Arab musicians. In addition, the dancing style is almost similar to that of Arabic musicians . Thus, through music, it is possible to understand how cross-cultural associations have taken place between the Arabic people and the Spanish based on their geographical approximations. Another element of Spanish music which illustrates their culture is improvisation. This is where music is created at the spur of the moment. In addition, most Spanish music involve flamenco music that involve the participation of both the singer and the guitarist who are allowed to come up with phrases as the music is being played. In addition, most Spanish musicians interact with the audience and can participate in other activities such as clapping hands and shouting words. These are characteristics of flamengo music’s thus, it can be concluded that as a result of cross-cultural interaction, musicians of Spain play their music to illustrate the cultural experience they have obtained from the Spanish society.

Personal Response to the Proposed Thesis

This proposal supports the claim that music has been used as a method of illustrating cross-cultural interactions among various cultural groups. This is because; the societies involved in the analysis have demonstrated their interest in knowing about their cultures as well as the cultures of other people. For instance, it is observed that during the Abu-Dhabi festival, participation of musicians from various cultural backgrounds ensured cross-cultural understanding was achieved. It is also found that Spanish music is blended with Arabic dancing style and music as a result of cross-cultural association between Spain and Arabic countries.

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