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Television has been available commercially since the 1920s. Essentially, television receives and transmits moving images. Since its invention, the television has contributed much to society as it has made the world become like a global village, as things happening in another continent can easily be relayed to the whole world in seconds. Despite that, the invention of the television is the worse because of both environmental and the social issues involved (Yadav 224). Some of these issues include the increased concern on electronic waste resulting from the televisions set discarded, occupational health, media violence and increased energy requirements.

This paper explores why the invention of the television set is detrimental in some aspects. In addition, the paper advises on the alternative measures to television.


Firstly, television invention is the worst due to the moral decay it has perpetuated. Since its invention, the television set has been a media through which broadcasting of immoral content occurs (Elasmar 85). This content includes things like pornography, use of vulgar language and the display of scenes which are not children friendly. These stuffs are usually available to children via live broadcasts or at times they again access in to our homes by the use of electronic media used for storage such as the compact disks and DVDs. Without these contents relayed via the television sets available in our homes, many children would be morally upright but the invention of the television set gives them a sense of adventure. Thus they end up practicing what they see and this explains why there are many unwanted pregnancies and cases of violence (Kelly 126).


Secondly, television is the worst invention due to the environmental issues related to it. The material used in making of television sets does not decompose and this makes disposing of old television sets to be a tricky affair. People end up disposing their old and spoilt television set on open grounds and this poses a risk to our environment, as it cannot help in decomposing the plastics and vinyl material used in construction of television sets. In addition, some people choose to get rid of their old television sets by burning them. This leads to the spread of bad fume in to the atmosphere (Carrington 78). We all know how essential oxygen is to human beings, and so the spread of carbon dioxide should not be encouraged.

Thirdly, it is the health risk associated with the invention of the television set. The health risk varies from occupational to the use of the television sets in our homes. In our homes, the health risk associated with the television is relaying of the UV rays affecting
eyes. In addition, it makes children to become lazy, as they prefer staying indoors the whole day and enjoy their favourite programs (Nesbitt-Larking 143). According to medical scientists, that is not healthy living by human beings. Another health risk associated is the occupational risk. This happens when those in the television set manufacturing industry and dis-assemblers get into contact with copper wires and other dangerous materials.

In conclusion, though revered by many, the invention of the television remains to be a big curse due to the established dangers associated to it. The dangers established vary from health, to society and environment. The effects to society include corroding of morals and increase of media violence. Health wise, the invention of the television affects dis-assemblers who get into contact with copper wires and other materials deemed dangerous. Lastly, the television has effects on the environment, as it poses a great challenge when it comes to disposing the old unused or spoilt television sets.

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