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The book Manet by Himself is written by Juliet Wilson to give a detailed biography of Edouard Manet in his painting work. According to the author, the book gives a golden opportunity to the reader to extend his/her knowledge equipping one with essential information on Manet’s life and his artwork in his mother land (Bareau 9). Throughout the book, Edouard Manet is seen as the crucial avant-grade artist to the future generation and the leadership of impressionist group. The book shows great diversity of Manet’s art works; hence he invested more strength in his works to outshine other artists in Paris and emerge as the best one (Bareau 7). The author says that the purpose of Manet’s work was to show his radical nature. Before Edourd begun his art study, he wrote a letter to his parent to act that showed the power of observation in his arts. Moreover, the book shows Edourd’s commitments to liberal and radical views that acted as motivating forces to his art study (Bareau 14).


According to the author, the views of the artist were evidenced in all his conversations. These views conveyed hope, fear, disappointment, and ways to succeed in mercurial artistic works. Manet used to produce superb color designs including famous painting designs using the art skills he acquired in college. The author’s purpose was to clearly show how Manet’s paintings gained public appraisal as a result of his previous masterpieces in painting color salon pictures (Bareau 19). Moreover, in his work, the author purposed to show numerous works of Manet in private collections and also in non-lending institutions where he was not well-known.

In conclusion, Edouard Manet’s artistic works gained popularity as a result of his color painting designs. His ability to do better is clearly seen in his letter to his parents before joining the art training college where he gives his views on art works. Finally, he emerges as the best artist in Paris due to color salon pictures he produced.

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Good Books to Write Essays On essay

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