Write Me a Speech essay

Speech of Introduction

Jeremy Garcia is Filipino and he is nineteen. He is a sophomore at the WSU now. Jeremy has chosen pharmacy because of his passion for helping others. I think that this is a very important and wonderful feature. Probably, this tendency is hereditary, because his mother is a pharmacist, too. When Jeremy grew up, his elders always needed medications, though sometimes the financial situation was difficult.


Jeremy is like a rainbow as he makes people smile. He likes joking and making others laugh. Like a rainbow, Jeremy is bright and positive. The rainbow has many colors, and Jeremy has many hobbies. He likes playing and watching basketball, jogging, writing poems, and listening to music. It is always interesting to communicate with such a multiple personality like Jeremy. Rainbow brings joy to people, and so does Jeremy. Like a rainbow has different colors from the deep violet to yellow, Jeremy sometimes can be extremely serious and sometimes absolutely bright and breezy.

Jeremy thinks that life is too short to be serious all the time. In his opinion, people should always find some time for laugh and joy. At the same time, Jeremy is responsible enough to be serious when it comes to assignments. He is sure that there is a time and place for everything. It is very important to know when it is appropriate to relax and have fun and when it is better to be serious and responsible. That is why Jeremy takes studying seriously while being easygoing with friends. Jeremy is very sociable and outgoing. He enjoys life and lives it to the fullest extent.

I think that Jeremy is a wonderful person. It is good to meet bright, positive and joyful people who resemble colorful rainbows or bright sunshine instead of people who look like black clouds and storms. It is always great when there is someone who makes you smile.

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Write Me a Speech essay

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