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The vision of the company is to become a well-organized business in order to provide food supplements of a high quality thus making life better.

Mission Statement

The company wants to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of condiments in Northern China and to take advantage of the quick growth in the increasingly sensitive consumer market. 

Goals of the Organization

Goals of the China Food Company reveal their sustainable ethics. The core values of the company are based on company’s respect to its staff. Staff oriented values ensure that the various efforts applied by staff are recognized and appreciated by the management. Moreover, through the staff’s effort the ideas should be delivered perfectly to make an influence on the customers. The core values include;

  • Meeting customers needs/tastes;
  • Continuous innovation;
  • Honesty and trustworthiness;
  • Team spirit.

The above listed core values are easily achieved through ambition, motivation and leadership.

Goals relating to Environment and Occupational Safety Policy

Goals projected within the stipulated period as relates to environment and occupational health and safety policy are meant to produce harmonious surroundings. As a food dealer dedicated to becoming one of the world-leaders, the company is devoted to safeguarding and improving the surroundings. Moreover, CFC provides its staff with work-related health and safety. Acting in accordance with the requirements of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the company is devoted to; 

  • Work according to all relevant laws, policies and other requirements concerning environmental fortification and professional health and safety;
  • Provide for all of the customers’ needs and interested stakeholders for environment fortification and work-related health and safety;
  • Frequently assess and guarantee atmosphere and job-related health and protection
  • Certify that the guiding principle corresponds to the expansion objectives and integrate the guidelines to be a part of the improvement policy;
  • Direct the staff to be completely responsible for situational and industrial fitness and safety;
  • Augment large scale organizational actions of the distributors as regards to environmental and industrial fitness and safety;
  • Discuss the policy with all concerned parties in the surroundings and industrial health and safety.

China Food Company Quality Policy

  • Company’s main intention is to be always customer-centered in order to provide high quality services;
  • Pursue high-tech technologies to incessantly reinforce CFC’s core competitiveness;
  • Implement whole quality assurance to develop first class products;
  • Strive to become one of the world’s top soya sauce and dipping providers.

Business Strategy

  • The company has a strategy of capitalizing on the new soya sauce factory. The factory was officially launched in May 2010. The production and the supply has successfully started. The production and sales from this factory increased the Company's profitability by half its proceeds.  Moreover, the company has particularly launched ‘Xaka’ and announced it as its premium soya sauce brand name. Interestingly the premium product has been successfully accepted in the target market.
  • Secondly, the company plans to expand into new markets. Currently, the company’s largest market is located in Shandong. The town has a total population of 95.8 million residents and all of them are satisfactorily supplied. The Board is anticipating ways of expanding its distribution to the neighboring provinces of Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu. These towns have a populace of 300 million. This increase in demand will be adequately supplied from the newly launched factory.
  • China Food Company also plans to investigate any improved methods and prospects of outsourcing various products globally. Consequently, the company plans to import its products. The intention for this strategy is to utilize the Company's extensively available circulation system in Shandong.
  • Moreover, the China Food Company will be focusing on growing the diversity of products produced. The sales department also plans to distribute the products in terms of channels, promotions, and the material sale of the product on public display.

The CFC’s business strategy is purely customer oriented. Through the business strategy the company is able to offer faithful promises to its customers. Using this strategy the company seeks to draw and capture all potential customers. Moreover the CFC’s staff is meant to be transformed by the clients. As a result this will help the staff to improve the performance and delivery of services and products. The strategic approach can be broken down in the following categories;

  • Proper positioning and allocation of resources;
  • Acquiring the leading technological machines;
  • The production of quality product and packaging;.
  • Focusing on high-end market;
  • The use of effective methods to win in a competitive market;
  • Superior service provision;
  • Understanding key elements in the market;
  • Becoming the fastest company in production and distribution;  
  • Employing practical business advertising plan.

The Implementation of the Plan

This section outlines a succinct summary of the company’s dealings.

The board will ensure first priority is given to execution of the year calendar. The strategic pan will be executed in phases through the five year period. The economic stand of the nation will also be considered. Therefore the calendar should be a vital tool in the administrative board meetings. The activities will be reviewed occasionally in order to exclude needless extra activities. With the understanding that demand will be high, the company plans to execute its strategy depending on prevalent customer concerns.

The staff members should be the major key players in the implementation process. Due to this the company needs to prepare good platform to provide better incentives to the staff members. CFC should also organize training sessions for the workers and the management. The training sessions are intended to bond the whole workforce and ensure they know the project. Various implementation events will require quality time in order to produce the best outcome. As a result, working hours will be increased by allocating shifts throughout the day. Eventually, by the end of the strategic plan period, the planned events should take place. Therefore, it is necessary to employ adequate resources and timely executing the vital aspects of the company.

In order to reach a larger part of the world, it is essential to apply proper advertisement skill. The sales and marketing team should search for the best ways to publicize CFC’s spices as well as animal feed products. The proposed advertisement methods must be very accurate in order to capture the attention of the target clients. Therefore the reception of company’s products in the global market should be keenly analyzed and the improvements should be made.

Basically, soya and animal products commonly sold in the market should be improved in each dimension. The company targets to reach all ages of people with the cooking and dipping spices. Initially, packaging was done for household purposes in large containers. However, the strategic plan provides that new sizes of spices should be packed. The target customers for the small packets are the school children, travelers, office workers as well as high class hotels. As a result, CFC needs to purchase a multipurpose packaging machine with replaceable teeth and mound.

Market Analysis and Budget

After conducting a thorough scrutiny, major market opportunities, obstructions, threats, conformity to the rules, risks as well as vital factors for success were identified. Usually, the company sells Soya Sauce, pickled Products, vinegar, bean paste, and chili oil as well as flavor enhancers. Moreover, there is a variety of animal feed sold in China and neighboring town such as compound feed, concentrate meal as well as premix animal products.

The market status is getting increasingly competitive however CFC is also increasing the quality of its output. It is important to note the need to expand the market to other parts of the world including the United Arab Emirates, Africa, United States of America and United Kingdom.

Buy custom China Food Company essay

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