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The company which would be described is Medical Center

The main office is located in the United States with 4 branches: in Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and South African Republic. As you can notice, the company tried to control each part of the world economy.

Medical Center has various activities: researches on new, better and more effective medicines, using its own laboratories, production of medicines and their distribution in each part of the world, and collaboration with governments, private companies and hospitals which purchase in Medical Center.

The company is working on the principle of fair distribution which means that is as to have a well-stabilized information system to provide clients with medicines equally. Moreover, it can be considered as a big company with various activities which make it impossible to work without informational system.

The company has loosely centralized information system as some Departments are to have access to information of other Departments; however, other part of the information has to be a secret one. For example, Cooperation Department needs information about researches and production of the company to be able to provide the information to the client and make him interested in this cooperation. Department on Production, in turn, needs information about the purchases as the company should not produce more medicines of one type than it actually needs.

In addition, the company uses system software, utility software and application software

This combination provides company with possible interaction between Departments, protection of information it has and necessary apps which are to organize the information in the databases, which are different depends on the requirements of the Department. Generally, the data management systems can be considered as hierarchical, but inside of the company network databases exist which facilitate the work of Department and allows to control the company by the Board of Directors.

Probably, for such a huge company with different activities as Medical Center this mixed type of organizing information is the best way to control the situation inside of it and bring everything into order when the problem occurs.

Buy custom Information System essay

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