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This paper presents a response to questions posed regarding working for worker-owned firms. This is done in reference to G. L. Gore, which is an example of a worker-owned firm. The firm undertakes the production of fabrics for clothing and other various uses. The first part handles the perceived advantages and disadvantages of working in the above referenced firms.

One of the advantages is that the workers are involved in decision-making

It is therefore possible to have the best ideas since those who are involved in the execution take part in the formulation of policies. Compliance to the laid down procedures and regulations cannot be doubted given that all employees take part in the drawing of the decisions. The workers would also be satisfied and motivated by their involvement. Revolt or disobedience cannot therefore arise. Where such conditions are present, hard work is encouraged therefore promising achievement of the set objectives. The disadvantage to this is that it requires much time and effort to please all the other workers since they all operate as bosses. Lack of a clear channel of reporting may also lead to sabotage in case of some interests being at stake.

Since there is no hierarchy, setting the pay for the workers would be based on performance. At the start of every session, goals or targets must be set. Their achievement should also guarantee a promise of a reward, which can be in the form of a salary increase, or any other remuneration that would serve to appreciate hard work and innovations. Therefore, the setting of salaries would be based on the roles and duties assigned to each worker and their achievement. Efforts made to attain the set objectives should also be rewarded given that some circumstances may hinder the attainment of set objectives.

A worker-owned firm is said to offer a radical way of empowering the workers

There are many advantages of having the workers empowered. Where they are supported, they obviously feel part of the firm. They become partners and therefore have a substantial stake in the happenings in the firm. Therefore, they would give everything towards the best performance for the firm and thereby lead to the realization of an organization’s set objectives. It leads to better performance besides having minimum employee turnover. It is therefore vital that employees are well involved in the matters that affect their welfare since such encourages them through their involvement as they feel recognized and appreciated in their efforts to serve at the various capacities in their places of work.

Buy custom Making Decision essay

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