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A new travel/business expense reporting policy is a good opportunity for organizations and companies. They will put in practice the changes in tax laws and tax reporting within its policies and employees. This business expense reporting policy is the outside sales force. Despite the changes and innovations in tax policy, it will be successful as it has used the new accounting methods, new items and calculations. Without doubt, it is difficult for the employee to work out these changes, but soon they will adapt to it.

Training Objective

Because of no practicing of this expense reporting policy the employees were faced with the problems in the calculation of taxes, which is why they need training in order to develop the new skills.

The training will be conducted with 30 men and women whose working experience is from 1 to 5 years. This training program is aimed to improve the skills of employees and achieve a good working experience. It will provide productivity and efficiency of the employees and the results of their work.

Training Overview

The training will be conducted every day for remembering the tax changes and successful calculation. After training the task, checking the result of training and the productivity of the employees will be conducted. The employees will be given time for doing the calculation of taxes with the using of changes. If the task is performed successfully, it will mean that the training has helped. However, if the employees will fail the task it will mean that they need additional training.

The most important factor in this program is Human Resource Management; it means that the realization of these programs depends on the employers of the organization. Without doubt, this program is an experimental one, and all faults of it will be detected after putting it in practice. It is difficult to make forecasts for the future, but one can suppose that it will be the basement for the programs of providing of the effective work. This program is based on Human Resource Management Strategy.

The training demands time and money for the special computer programs that make the calculation of taxes easier. The training should be conducted by the specially educated instructor who will run the process of training. The strategy of the training is to raise the level of productivity and efficiency of work and to learn the new changes of taxes. The strategy of instructions and instructor is to give the necessary information for learning and training and to provide all needs for learning and training. In training one can such methods as step-by-step training, training from difficult to easy or training from easy to difficult. 

Success Measures

In order to measure the success of training we will prepare kitchen timer with a bell, a stopwatch and a task with a proposition to calculate taxes. The trainer should demonstrate how to use a stopwatch to the participants. Each participant takes a turn to try using stopwatch. Starting with a task like calculation, the participants calculate taking into consideration the changes of taxes. Trainers will then help the participants estimate the time needed to complete the task. When the task is completed, the timer is stopped, and the actual time is recorded on the worksheet. Participants calculate how much they miscalculated their task time.

One of the essential functions of this training should be providing productivity and efficiency; that is why the employees should get the additional payment for a good work. Extra-payment will stimulate them and their productivity will be higher.

In order to make this training program work successfully, it is necessary to define the needs of employees with the help of interviewing or testing. The employees should understand the importance of the training program for them. Understanding will help build the basement for the training program. Without doubt, putting in practice this program, we will face such problems as a skeptical attitude, indifference, and misunderstanding; that is why it is necessary to motivate employees.

One should also concentrate attention on the engagement, timeliness, and percentage of work performance – it will help make the training program successful. This training program will be based on the following objectives: communication with employees about the importance of a good work, conduction of mentoring for revealing needs, and propositions of employees.

Analyzing the needs of employees, it is worth taking into consideration training problem and its scope; it is necessary to build a team for solving this problem. Without doubt, not the work apart solves the problems but work together.

The said program, as developed through careful and extensive data gathering among the agency’s employees across departments and functions, will be passed to the top management of the agency for appropriate policy and financial support to get the training program going.        

The trainers will prepare training modules, training handouts and evaluation materials, and shall provide a comprehensive training report including recommendations to follow through trainings and interventions.

Buy custom Training Solution Design essay

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