Globalization Processes essay

Globalization processes have brought about a great number of drastic changes in various spheres of life of modern society. Sociology as a science that finds its subject in society and social phenomena is called on to play a significant role in the development of the present world. It is aimed at consideration of the main tendencies and regularities that can give an opportunity to assume the best strategy in social policy. Being interested in the investigation of life of the global community and understanding the increasing urgency and necessity of the solutions of its challenges, I have arrived at a decision to meet the requirements of the modernity and devote myself to this field.

This year I will be completing a Master of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. My specialization is addiction treatment and I am firmly convinced that continuation of my education in Graduate school of Sociology will broaden my knowledge of social phenomena and turn my perspective on the macro level. I strongly believe that this invaluable experience will ensure my necessity as a specialist in Latin America.


I have lived in Latin Ametica for ten years and I am acquainted with the local empirical reality, which needs to be explored and defined in terms of modern social processes. In addition to that, the situation in Latin America is not stable due to the transformations in the social, political and economical systems, in which globalization processes were resulted. Considering the above mentioned I am purposed to concentrate my scientific retrieval on the sphere of crime and the toning of globalization in society and political sphere with the focus on Latin America. Moreover I would like my research to be referred to the investigation of the third world political movements in this region. Apart from that, I consider an opportunity to work as a research analyst for non-profit organization that can also enrich my knowledge and familiarize with different problematic fields.

Being a serious, fundamental, strong-willed and ambitious person, I would be glad to believe that the Graduate school of Sociology would not be the last step in my scientific progress. I am under the impression that I am able to continue my scientific path on the higher level that is writing a dissertation. I conceive this stage to be an essential for a modern scholar, because in the informational society the knowledge has become the highest value and the knowledge about this community is indispensible. Dissertation is one of the tools that move the world science, because it assumes the novelty in the way the problem is formulated. That is why the research I would like to conduct in Latin America can become the material for my further systematization and reflection resulted in the completing PhD thesis.

To sum up, the education in the Graduate school of Sociology would ensure my self-development and widen my experience and world outlook that would help  to advance my scientific interest directed on the investigation of the globalization tendencies. I hope to be engaged in the educational process there because it would provide me with a strong background that is necessary for every specialist, who wants to apply his/her capabilities.

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Globalization Processes essay

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