Buy custom IP Version 4 vs. IP Version 6 essay

The initials IP stands for internet protocol

IP is a principal communication protocol found in the internet protocol suite and is used to relay datagrams across network boundaries. There are a number of IP versions that are available in the market today. As such, we will focus more on the IPv4 and IPv6. As much as the internet protocol version 6 is based on IPv4 and pretty much it can be said to be an evolution, there are major notable differences.

Firstly, the most notable difference is the header format

The header in IPv6 is fixed thus does not include all the options found in the Ipv4. This allows for faster processing. Second notable difference is that IPv6 address is extended to 128 bits. The extended address helps provide address for most of the things through hierarchical structure. Also in the IPv6 a lot of its functionality is built into ICMPv6. There is also the part of enhanced security and the QOS features. The IPv4 is 32 bits while the IPv6 is 128 bits. The 2128 addresses supported by the Ipv6 are better for the fulfillment of better security and network related features.

According to Davies one of the challenges associated with change from IPv4 to IPv6 is that, one variety of IP data cannot travel on a network setup to handle the other variety. For instance, web server using only IPv4 cannot be reached by a home computer using IPv6. Another challenge is that people do not want to buy new hardware to support IPv6. This is because IPv4 has been working well enough and it is only exhaustion of its addresses that is incentivizing people to upgrade.

First of all, the first criteria that should be considered are security, efficiency, and cost

The fact that many businesses rely on their servers to store important data and information, makes it mandatory to have an IP version that offers just that. With the IPv6 security is better compared to the Ipv4. IPSec is commonly found in IPv6. It offers confidentiality, authentication and data integrity. Efficiency in any organization cannot be compromised whatsoever. This makes it inevitable to have IPv6 in place as it offers more efficient routing and packet processing. Scarcity of IPv4 will mean companies have to fork more to find it.

Dynamic addressing and private IP addresses would not be a major factor since most of the really useful components of IPv6 have been back ported to IPv4. A workable solution has been implemented already for IPv4 for both dynamic addressing and private IP address.

Buy custom IP Version 4 vs. IP Version 6 essay

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