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There are many factors that influence health choices of a person. Some of them are simple, while others are quite complicated. In any case people should make the right decisions about treatments available to them.      

Much research and thought have been given to the subject of an individual’s behavior ever since the early existence of humanity. However, the human is the most complicated being on the planet and it is sometimes very difficult to understand human behavior. There is an evidence of the health behavior concept in the beginning of the presented scenario. Members of the groups were attracted to the program because they were thought to have a potential eating disorder. As given by definition, health behavior is the situation when an individual begins to take preventive measures in order to help cure a disease, which is unnoticeable at the moment (Coreil, 2001). The girls took part in the program, using the program rather to their own advantages than for medical purpose. Therefore, there is another type of concept that could be applied to this situation. Illness behavior is the way a person acts, after the diagnosis has been made, and follows all measures to prevent a potential illness. Illness behavior is sometimes caused by a patient’s mental predispositions. The situational affect is therefore used by patients in order to achieve auxiliary advantages, as it is seen in the scenario with the girls (McQueen, 2013).

Conceptually, the program under consideration needs to be improved

There should be another method of monitoring the patients with actual eating disorders.  It is necessary to create a system to follow the progress of the patients who were admitted to the program. For instance, members of the program have to attend group meals on a daily basis under the supervision of the volunteers. Also, every member of the program should comply with a monthly weight gain program that would serve as a prime source of real results.

All in all, an eating disorder is a devastating illness that needs a special attention. In the event that a patient is provided with all the necessary resources to help combat an eating disorder, there should be no excuse for disregarding an appropriate treatment. 


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Buy custom Factors Influencing Health essay

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