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Health care services relate to the business of providing both inpatient and outpatient services

The services include the diagnosis or treatment of diseases in human beings or the extension of drugs to treat human diseases. Healthcare cost decreased in the late 1990s and in the 2000’s. However it is projected to increase rapidly in the years to come. The rise in health care costs can be attributed mainly to the economic recession witnessed worldwide over the past decade that saw the levels of unemployment rising and incomes among citizens dropping significantly. This has led to more spending in the health care systems. The Medicare that is used for the public mainly covers the elderly in the society and those with disabilities. On the other hand, Medicaid covers those people with low incomes in the society.

Recession has led to increased enrolment into the Medicaid program, while the aging witnessed among the baby boomers has led to increased enrollment into the Medicare program. A closer examination of this reveals an increase in the amounts of the government spending leading to the straining of national budgets. To sum up, the health care costs were estimated to account for 17.9% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the year 2010.

As compared to an increase in the consumer price index, the costs of health care have also increased. A number of factors have led to this increase. Emergence of better medical technologies is considered as the main reason for the rising cost. In addition, cases of chronic diseases are on the rise, an aspect that contributes to this trend. Much attention has been directed towards the rising rates of overweight leading to obesity that no doubt are major contributors to chronic diseases. Administrative costs also contribute to more spending as funds are directed towards programs initiated by the government on health care. The combination of public and private systems has led to an increase in overhead costs.

Insurance programs play an important role in health care services as they increase competition in the nation’s health insurance which is mostly owned by few companies. They also act as substitutes for insurance programs run by the government. Private insurers have an important role in the market place. They are the ones responsible for designing plans related to the expected benefits. They help in coordinating and explaining various issues involving benefits to the public and private employees. At an individual level, problems arising from the time the coverage starts are dealt with.

To reduce the rising health care costs, private insures help to formulate and initiate health care programs for the wellness of employees. Private insurers have had a big impact as they bring in the necessary competition in the health sector that has led to better and efficient delivery of health care services to the society. Private insurers, with the view of taking part in the markets, have to be issued licenses from the authorities in order to do an annual exam of certification that briefs them on professional practices in both the private and public sectors. They help individuals make the right choices on available coverage rates that satisfy their needs.

Accountable care organizations is a reform model that has been put in place

They consist of individual doctors and various health providers coming together to give voluntary health care services to the Medicare patients. They help patients get the right services at the right time, and their coordination helps to prevent any medical errors. All the income earned from the ACO’s are directed towards the Medicare program leading to a reduction in health care costs. Insurance exchanges within the scheme of the ACA have the role and function of maintaining a website. The website gives vital information in a format that is standardized. The information focuses mainly on performance that could guide the public to obtain a plan and better quality health services.

Importantly, insurance exchanges influence the plans to offer and have the responsibility to develop algorithms and programs that aid consumers by maintaining toll-free telephone service. The Mississippi department of insurance’s licenses that were issued after November 1, 2009, are considered to have expired on a biennial basis during the last day of the start of the licensee’s month of birth. The licenses previously expired after May 31, 2010, and were renewable online 67 days before the date of expiry. The exchanges have helped families as they allow parents to use their policies on children that are not older than 26 years. The state has a health care advisory board that pulls all efforts to ensure that all the legislations are adhered to and that the best policies are implemented.

Buy custom Healthcare Services essay

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