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First and foremost I want to claim that nursing is not a simple profession. It is a complex of protection and optimization of human’s health and abilities, preclusion of injury and illness, facilitation of suffering after the diagnosis and treatment of person’s reaction. Also, it is propaganda in the care of individuals or families, communities or global population. This paper presents my philosophy of nursing that is based on four main concepts: the person, environment, health care and nursing. Also, it describes the reasons why these notions are so important. It is my belief that this conception is a major doctrine in the field of nursing.

To start with, the profession of nursing is all about people

Due to my philosophy, caring involves the whole patient but do not a separate disease orhealth concern that treats isolated from the whole. Viewing a person as a unique human being you realize that he/she is like an open system with subsystems that are influenced by environment and genetics. The needs motivate a person who cooperates with the environment. When needs are not met, the human is at risk for changes in health status which are manifested in the form of illness. In this case he/she seeks alleviation in the form of health care from nursing professionals. Therefore, such care must be individual to the person and the situation.

It should be mentioned that the nursing environment has a great impact on a health status. It is necessary to get out of the encirclement in which the person lives. The environment is very important as people are members of a large community with different characteristics that influence greatly the patients. In this case nurses can not separate patients from their environment because they are interrelated.  I suppose nurses have to support the staff and co-workers by helping out, sharing their knowledge and encouraging themselves and others to be the best at their work.

Talking about health, I understand that I can not properly care for patients if I do not feel myself well. To have strong health, my nursing philosophy includes the statement to stay physically active always and everywhere. What is more, without health caring the nurse can not connect with the patient. Thus, the trust will not develop. That is why health caring is in the centre of all successful nursing encounters. Also, due to my philosophy, the nurse does not have to care only for the patient’s physical health, but also their emotional needs.

I agree that the profession of nursing consists of specialized knowledge and skills on caring patient’s health. This knowledge is a core of a successful career. It is not enough to pass the nursing exams greatly if you want to be effective at applying in the health care setting. You always need to think holistically and anticipate your patient’s needs.

I convinced that successful nurses are responsible for daily studying and always improving their professional abilities. What are more, they have to be effective at time management, advocacy, honesty, caring, respect and patient privacy. These last issues that any humans deserve are very important in the medical setting. The American Nurses Association affirms this idea well: “the nurse strives to protect the health, safety, and rights of the patient” (American Nurses Association, 2001, p.12).

After discussing my philosophy, it is important to look deeper at the society we live in and the major health care issues we are seeing. We have to concentrate on human’s wellness instead of treat people according to heath care system. It means that if the nurse is successful in health promotion then she is doing her work better than her abilities.

To conclude, my philosophy of nursing explains and shows the meaning of nursing to my life goal. This profession has a lot of serious responsibilities due to the nature of the subject. To have a successful nursing career, I plan to inculcate personal philosophy of nursing in my daily life. It means I need to incorporate all my knowledge, caring, advocacy, time management, respect, honesty and patient privacy to be a professional in this system.


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Buy custom My Nursing Philosophy essay

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