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The cohesion of life and death determines the equal unity of the two notions and the inevitability of the last one. A person may choose the end of his, or hers life under different circumstances and commit a suicide. One can also ask for the help to kill himself, which is considered to be an assisted suicide. The story under consideration depicts the situation of a son, named Bob, killing his ill father at request.

The assisted suicide involves moral and religion disputes, though, a legal system is a contributing factor in understanding the case and making decisions about it. The laws, concerning suicides, are based on the statement that “the highest obligation of society is to protect life”. In the situation under the analysis, Bob would probably be arrested for the murder and sentenced to, at least, 10 years of prison. In the most states of America, assisted suicide is a crime. This is because, whatever the reason for killing is, it does not justify the act of manslaughter. In Oregon, Washington, and Montana states, Bob could be declared not guilty, as such cases fall under the so-called “right to die”. It constitutes that a person has a right to choose his, or hers own death, or “refuse lifesaving treatment” under the condition of being ill.

The assisted suicide is considered to be a crime from the point of view of the objective legal system. Each individual should make the choice for himself, whether to treat this as a crime. Sometimes, living can be constant physical sufferings and the agony, and it is possible to consider that the help in dying might be the act of mercy. The choice of the end could appear the only choice a person has, so Bob’s action may be justified.

Buy custom Assisted Suicide essay

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