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Every single family has its traditions, taken from the past and shaped according to the modern lifestyle. My family is not an exception from this rule. We have traditions and rituals for a lot of things, and one of them is how we prepare to  the final exams.

Preparing for the final exams is an essential part of the entire exam taking process

It starts a few days before the actual day of exam. First comes the preparation of the entire body,  especially the brain to the top condition. Morning necessarily starts with a cup of strong, brewed coffee. Our family believes it turns on the attention and allows to concentrate on the subject of passing the final exam in the best way possible. The next step is clothing and location. I always prepare to the exams at home, wearing a bathrobe. One might I say there is nothing special about it, but that is not correct. Our family has a history of successfully passed finals on the toughest subjects with the most unbearable professors, which they passed with the help of wearing bathrobes during the preparation. Location is always the same as well – it is our family home. Libraries, study rooms do not fit us at all – I had a good lesson of preparing for the final in the college library and failing the exam.

Special days require special drinks, which are sodas only from the glass bottles

This ritual came from the last century, when plastic bottles and aluminum cans were not in use yet. No juices or other drinks are allowed at this time due to the fact that only soda can make the brain work faster and help us memorize everything better. After studying is done, the last part of the ritual is to watch a football game, either live or recorded. What inspires to successfully pass an exam is watching sports competition and team’s victory, which allows a stressed student to relax. Provided all the family rituals are performed in the way they should be, I am always confident of my capability to pass the final.

Buy custom My Personal Ritual essay

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