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Quality is the magnitude to which a product, process, provision or affiliation is free from any fault. Quality is achieved when a product or service is delivered in a manner where the customer's expectations are met and even exceeded. Something, which is of high quality, is fulfilling, and its outcomes are satisfying. Quality measurement is an evaluation of how well a product or service can meet the customer’s expectations with minimum or no defect. Quality measurement is vital in an institution as it helps to get a reflection of how well their services and products are acceptable to the outside community. Quality is achieved when the process can comply with existing standards and criteria. This is known as objective quality as it can follow all the procedures lay down. Quality can also be subjective if there is a positive feedback from the person who benefits from it.

University of Rochester Medical Centre is a large organization that provides services to various groups of people. Quality in the services it offers is essential as it determines how far it goes. Quality measurement would ensure that the services rendered by the institution are excellent, and they comply with the existing standards. It also ensures that the primary recipients of the services are fully satisfied. The university uses various methods of quality measurement some of which are process measurement and outcome measurement.

Process is measure is a measure of how quality is observed in every step of operations

This requires that every move taken by the organization is of quality level and without any default. This starts with the admission of students. Admissions are done in an open and fare manner to ensure that everyone has confidence with the way they are done. The services offered to the students at school are also to reflect the quality aspect of the institution. The food, library materials, accommodation facilities, practicum services, laboratory services should be of high quality. Conflict resolution between the school management and students should also be of noticeable quality. Quality services are also observed in the management of the institution whereby it is free from corruption, and all students are treated equally. Quality aspect is also manifested in the operations of the staff; whereby everyone has to give their best so that there would be consequent quality in the outcome. Through process measure, quality infrastructure is put in place to meet the requirements of the institution.

The institution also uses outcome measure as a method of measuring quality

This mainly concentrates with the end product. This can be in terms of profit or the academic excellence of the students. Outcome measure concentrates on measurable elements of excellence. The skills and experience observed in the students once they are out of the institution is a reflection of the quality teaching that takes place in the school. This can also be manifested in the number of successful medical researches that are carried out by the students. The response of the students and the entire community about the services of the institution are also a determinant of quality in terms of the services. Positive feedback portrays high quality services and the institution strives to maintain it. On the other hand, negative feedback and complaints reflect poor quality services thus a need to improve. The achievements, in terms of International recognition and profit making, are also a reflection of quality aspects in the institution.

Delivering quality services is one of the main ways of enhancing the organization’s effectiveness. This is because; the organization would be always diligent in its daily activities. This is also because; the organization does not take chances on anything. Quality measurement regulates the behavior and attitudes of the staff as each one of them has to deliver the best. This is further distinguished in organizations where workers sign performance contracts, where their quality of work is assessed after a certain time. The organization is more concerned about the outcome as this is always the measure of its efficiency in service delivery. Day to day monitoring and evaluation on the quality of services is what amounts to the overall efficiency of an organization. The process measurer helps the workers within an organization to develop a culture of efficiency in their work as the organization provides no vacancies for sub-standard services. This means that quality outcome becomes the culture of an organization and efficiency is finally achieved in its every step of operations.

For best results, the process measures should be applied on every step and process of service delivery. There is no definite step where it should be applied, but it is a process analysis. It analyses every move of the organization’s service delivery thus ensuring quality actions of each and every worker.

The outcome measure starts with setting goals and targets

These are meant to help the organization set a destination and lay down the steps to be taken to get there. The organization defines what quality success would look like and how they would know that they have achieved it. It puts in place the parameters that would be used to assess the outcome. After the specified time is due, the organization carries out critical analyses of the outcome, and after comparing it with the existing procedures, and then they can tell whether the outcomes were quality. Therefore, for best results, outcome measure should be applied at the beginning and the end of a process.

To sum up, quality measurement is vital in every organization

It is an assessment to determine the value or quality of services rendered to the public. It helps the organization identify where to maintain and where to improve. It also helps the organization to regulate the attitudes and behavior of workers through performance contracts. Quality measurement can be carried out in various ways such as process measure and outcome measure.

Buy custom Quality Measurement Methods essay

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