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Everybody has dreams which are different for everybody

People, who move to the USA for permanent residence, have their own set of dreams that is called American dream. Coming to the United States people long for better quality of life for their kids, they wish for greater opportunities, people dream of having freedoms in many aspects that we take for granted.

In this country I have freedom to express myself, to be different, I have freedom of choice. I can explore new things, unknown places What is more, my opinion is respected and it matters. When writing papers in class, I am not judged by what I write about, but by my writing skills and knowledge. Also our family has much better accommodations than if we stayed in our home country. The health care and living conditions have significantly increased life expectancy of my family members.

The declaration of independence amongst other things gave me faith in the system that works. My rights are not just on paper, but are real, respected and unforced. There are many great people, for example Martin Luther King, who set great example, and only strengthen my belief in American dream.

When the life offers you so great opportunities it is a shame not to use them, or even worse to reject them. As gratitude I am rewarded with lots of things in life and I think it is my duty to grasp them and hold to them. I am ready to work as hard as possible. In the future I hope to be able to provide many opportunities for future generations  and development  for other people, the same as they had provided to me.

Buy custom The American Dream essay

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