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As to me, global warming is not just empty words but rather the real problem humanity is encountering right now. There is even no need to search evidences in the media, newspapers or peer-reviewed journals. Year by year climate is changing and people around the Earth have felt the change on their own back. Take the hurricane Catherina or the earthquake that resulted in tsunami in Japan in 2011. I think that if developed industrial countries continue ignoring their emission targets the consequences will be tragic. For instance, mountain glaciers in Greenland and Antarctic will melt which will lead to higher sea levels and massive widespread flooding.

Judging from the poll data in the Global warming worksheet, people in our country are divided into two groups with contrary opinions. One group (republicans) considers that global warming is not a really big threat to humanity and nature. The people think if there even is some danger, humanity is not the reason of global warming. The other group (democrats) believes that the danger is serious and people are responsible for it and can take measuress to stop it. The poll also shows that people’s educational background and political preferences impacts considerably their opinion. Even I can serve as an example of it. What is more, the information we read, watch and listen to also influences ours view. 

An issue in uor siciety that we need to think more criticallyis deforestation of the planet

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet and destroying them for firewood and building materials is a crime. What is more, the topic is highly related to the global warming issue as about twenty percent of greenhouse gases emission which cause the warming is the result of rain forests degradation.

Nevertheless the ecological problems seem to be quite truthful and supported by evidences, while considering believing or not we cannot just take something on trust. We need to investigate it more critically and should use our ability for critical thinking and weigh the pros and cons carefully. For instance, even in the book of Bosetti and Lubovski in different chapters the percentage of the emission varies from chapter to chapter. Therefore, in order to investigate any serious topic more critically we should first read a source of information attentively than compare it with other sources on the topic like statistical researches, peer-reviewed journals, documentaries etc. We also should remember about our background and its influence on our opinion. That is how we can develop critical approach to considering important issues that concerns the whole society.

Buy custom Discussion on Environmentai Issues essay

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