Two Ways of Believing essay

Human nature through centuries has always been striving for something to believe in

From the beginning of humanity, people were looking for some powers that were greater than them and were some kind of a proof of existence of something supernatural and a little unreachable for human mind. Still, even now when the human race is becoming stronger and stronger in their power above the nature and all the processes in common life, we still look for strength above us, to guide us, protect us and promise us a better future. Some people choose for this purpose science and others religion. People need to explain their existence and their goals in life. The decision between the leading role of religion or science is taken mainly instinctively by the majority of people. Humanity is actually the factor that unites these two aspects. We unite the religion and science into one with our life. People choose either spirituality or pragmatics to pick a side in these two camps; although a lot of them are linked through them. There are a lot of scientists who believe in God; actually, they believe that the science is capable to explain all the processes that God has created. This is the best example of how these two warring camps can be put into one flow. Science and religion always will fight for more rights in this world. It is only up to every person how they will interpreter the messages they get from both of the camps and which path is the most preferable for one if it has to be chosen.

The actual dispute between science and religion began in the beginning of Renaissance era, when all the minds of Europe started highly to develop and investigate the Earth, cosmos and everything that surrounds us. They were setting under investigation everything that was created on Earth, also in particular, the methods of creation and the Creator itself. After the dark era of Middle Age, when everything was set on beliefs and the ones that were unlikely to abandon were captured by inquisition. However, a new era has given the opportunity to develop the horizons of thinking. With this development, the authority of Creator was set in to question. The one that would like to do that were considered by the church as heretics and were strongly put into prison or even exterminated. The development of science and the growth of its followers had set under question the power of Church under people, and as we know during that period, church mainly ruled within Europe. It was considerate the highest hierarchy and any violations from this view were taken as dangerous for it. The middle Ages period was considerate as a dark time for human mind and its development; since all the clergy has undertaken the education system in whole Europe and was teaching the entire student according to the dogmas, also the science was caught behind the walls of the monastery. There was actually no chance and no funds for someone out of this cast to practice science and lead some investigation. All experiences were controlled by the Church and only after approval of pope where brought to the simple people.

Evolution and Creationism are not straggling only from the time Darwin contributed his theory

The human mind always was looking for new explanations of his existence. With the new era, new possibilities of investigation were brought to life and the more science has advanced the more developed thought that evolution could actually be the true path of creation. Science and religion discussion and debates always caused an explosion of hate, misunderstanding and sometimes even violence. This mainly happens because everyone believes that there should be only one truth and it should be his/her one. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that there can be created a perfect alliance between them. Both of these beliefs can be brought together and co-exist in peace and understanding.

The Ancient Greek was the first one who brought the religion and science together, the majority of them believed that there is no distinction between religion and science, that they fulfill each other. The great thinkers of that time, such as Aristotle trusted that science was just another way of understanding religion and otherwise. The Islamic revolution in the development of science within Muslim countries and opening of big universities and making new advances in medicine, astronomy and agriculture were considerate by Muslims as the will of Allah. They trusted that God wanted that they develop new skills. A perfect alliance between science and God was created.

As mentioned before, there was an age when people chose to trust only the religion, and then there was an age when they started to develop superior knowledge and started to set trust in science. Today we are living in a world surrounded by scientific developments. On a daily basis we meet more inventions of science that we set prayers. This bring a lot of people to a thought that actually the human being is god, because we became creators of many material things that surround us, make us live more comfortably, give us better perspectives and even save life. A majority of people chooses to be a deity for them. As at the beginning of the time, the nature was considerate as a deity, today it is the science and sometimes the one that creates it. However, people cannot be cold atheist in full meaning of this word. Since even if they do not trust in religion, they trust in science, so they believe in something and worship something that sets some value for them. Another kind of atheists are the people known as non-believers, so they do not believe in higher forces. They just live on a daily basis.

Atheists are really hard to investigate

A person that does not trust in anything above him/her or around him/her is a very interesting object to discuss. Living on a daily basis of not believing in anything can actually drive someone crazy. The statistic proves that the biggest percentage of suicide is done by the atheist. At some point they just stop with their routine and so as they do not trust in bigger forces they take their last journey in to their hands. People that do not believe in anything and this way do not have any real values are the most dangerous kind of people. They do not try to research their beginning/creation or their end; consequently, they just live and waist their life and after they wasted enough, then they go to the path mentioned before. 

A person, living in a modern world with wide perspectives and having a huge mind potential, should not make for any border between the camps of religion and science. Actually, these boarder are long ago obliterated. Still, there are some examples when people try to make them, but really educated people understand that they just fulfill each other. Without believing in stronger forces and guiding hands many investigation could not been brought to life, also without a help of new technologies some actual miracles could not have taken place. In a new era, there is no place for a cruel regard to one or to another. Starting from Napoleon, who was one of the first politicians who took also the politics in to the struggle of science and religion, the attempts to increase the prominence of science in Europe and change it in the perception of religion became effective. A lot of scientists from that time and till our age are showing perfect examples of trusting to their religious beliefs and still developing new streams in science. Such examples as Faraday and Planck, being one of the greatest physics of all time, are perfect examples of religious scientists. They did not feel any tension within themselves trusting in one and the other, so why do common people do? These scientists were actually practicing science and religion together on major, world scale and bringing their discoveries to the world without losing faith by themselves. This way it is only proven that the whole science against religion dispute is just a red herring.

The theory of evolution, after its relevance to the masses dominates all tabloids over all the years; and yet the actual theologists and scientists do not seem to really care. They go on with their study and sticking to their truth. The majority is actually happy with the equal recognition and respects the differences between each other. The one that cause the problems is the percentage of extremist from both sides. They try to increase the conflict and make out of it big issues. Actually, this is mostly just a desire of a group of people to become famous through these actions. They want to be seen as the prophets of their believing and be worshiped by the mass media and actually this desire has nothing to do with the coexistence of science and religion. 

The status quo is reached between religion and science, only some extremist try to undertake it. It is true that in some point religion and science will have different views. But then again, who does know two persons who agree totally in everything? Besides,  it is natural to have some different points of views for large groups of thinkers and believers . The main thing is to understand that these differences only open up us to something unknown and interesting. Following the examples of the vast majority of scientists and theologists that respect each other would be the best option.

As a matter of fact, the Christian and Anglican Church support scientific researches and even provide donations to them. Statistics shows that over 40 % of scientists express believing in God or other supernatural forces. “10 000 American members of the clergy signed a petition stating that they believe that the timeless truths of the Bible and the discoveries of modern science may comfortably coexist”. It is true that religion and science always had a hard relationship history, but they still coexist and support each other in different circles. There will always be the reason and the faith, but with an open mind and heart it is really easy to see how they complement each other.

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Two Ways of Believing essay

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