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The drug abuse has become one of the biggest problems in our society, affected thousands of lives. Especially scarring statistic is among teenagers.

The governments of the United States and the most part of European countries perceived the real danger of drugs at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1912, the Opium Convention was signed, whereby cocaine and opium were outlawed. However, the police held the situation under control until the middle of the century. Then, production of new synthetic drugs and new sub-cultures appearance provoked a new popularity of the poison. The history demonstrates that a mechanism of restriction does not work properly. People need to be provided with true and impressive information of scary consequences of drug abuse. The social advertisement should work in a complex with restriction methods.

The cycle of disorder growing appearance is a worrying sign of exigency of solving the drug problems on national level. The disease affects nearly 6 million people in the United States currently, and most of them are teenagers. The risk group consists of people who use drugs. Depression and manias are the main manifestations of the disease.

Moore and Kleiman highlight the most effective methods to solve the problem; among them are regular patrols, investigative units, and usage of the community’s resources. The authors propose the list of alternative strategies such as maximum arrests for narcotic offenses, focusing on gangs, citywide street-level drug enforcement, neighborhood crackdowns, controlling drug-using dangerous offenders, and youth protection. These strategies are the winning goals, but their success depends on the long-term planning and concrete actions implementation of the police departments.

A range of methods of conventional drug control and enforcement includes preventive, prohibitive, educational, and police controlling methods. Each of them has its own level of efficiency. It is important to implement a complex approach, using all of the methods in drug controls. The strategy of problem solving should be formulated on governmental level and implemented correctly at each local area, with a special focus on working with youth.

Buy custom Drug Control Strategies essay

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