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The Bone Collector is a film version, directed by Phillip Noyce, of the crime novel of the same name written by Jeffery Deaver. It stars many famous actors as the main characters: Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, and Michael Rooker. The film was not highly estimated by critics, but according to Eric S. Arnold, "The Bone Collector may be formulaic—but many good recipes are”. The film deals with the representation of a thrilling detective story and, at the same time, a tense personal struggle for life and truth.

The main character of the film is Lincoln Rhyme, a famous criminalist

He becomes paralyzed after the accident. However, he still possesses the fortitude to live and even to work, trying to make the world free of evil. His young colleague Amelia Donaghy faces up to an awful murder that later will result in the string of murders, committed by a serial killer, who pretends to be a taxi driver. He leaves weird pieces of evidence that hint at the further steps of the killer. Amelia is good at gathering the facts and evidence. She becomes the senses of Rhyme, who does not assume to be the final victim of the maniac. After the range of murders, two colleagues understand that the killer commits the crime replicating the plot of an old novel. After killing the nurse of Rhyme and one of his counterparts, the personality of the murderer is revealed. He is a former cop and a present enemy of Rhyme. His attempt to kill the respected investigation officer comes off second-best. Not paying attention to the fact that he is paralyzed, Rhyme strives for life and justice. In addition to that, Amelia comes in the right moment and helps her friend.

In my opinion, the film stresses the horror of the criminal world, but at the same time, it affirms a person’s opportunity to continue fighting for the good and not to give up people’s values, persuasions, and the feeling of the meaning, which is preserved even in a suffering. It is much easier when there are close people who can support and help whenever there is a need. Rhyme finds his friend in Amelia. She saves his life and encourages him to continue working and living enjoying everything that happens in the world.

Buy custom The Bone Collector essay

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