Analytical Report on Graphic Design essay

This memo is written in direction to presenting analytical report research findings in the discipline of graphic design. Graphic design is an art of communication that uses very simple modes of expressions to make greater meanings in reference to the conveyance of a specific massage. It is purposed to cover any three major trends in the field in attempts to bring into light how such effects have become effective in enhancing the discipline. As such, the trends of interest were: Logo design trends, Sketch book graphic design trend and Geo-Splicing trends.

Justification of such analysis relied on the need to realize that Graphic design is a discipline that avails dynamic opportunities and variety of challenges to the designers who make their creativity applicable to the various communication forms in presenting ideas and concepts in both print and virtual interactive media.

The report concludes that graphic design is a very significant discipline that enhances communication through simple techniques thus challenges that could be facing such an important should be addressed and relevant solutions should be implemented in dealing with such negativities.

The report finally presents certain recommendations that could be employed to ensure sustainability, enhancement and prosperity of such an effective and very important discipline that plays very many roles in the current world ranging from the field of business corporations, to human culture, education and politics.


Subject and Background

Graphic design is a form of communication that uses art work to practice and plan for projects that aims at projecting ideas and individual experiences visually and in a textual content. As such, the chosen form of communication could be virtual and in many situations comprise the use of images, words and graphic formats (workerbee, 2015). The experiences that are brought about by the application of graphic designs can take place in an instant or come to realization after a long period of time. Graphic design work can take place at any moment in time and the range of application is unlimited to any scale. These could be in the form of the design of a simple postage stamp to a national postage .Some more of the applications could be in the form of a company`s digital advert to the sprawling interlinked digital system of adverts .Graphic design thus is meant to be of variety of uses including commercial needs, political, cultural and educational.

Graphic design, therefore, as a subject of study has a recent history .It is known to be of the one among many channels that human use to expand and span the history of the humankind as from the periods that man lived in the caves to the times of the romans, the illuminated manuscripts of the middle age man, to the colonial periods and eventually to the times of the homo sapiens to date. In the prolonged history that only time accounts for, there are relative recent abrupt rapture of visual communication that existed in the twentieth century and now evident in the twenty first century (workerbee, 2015).

As such, there is no clear distinction in the impact that is to be brought about by graphic design, advertising art and fine art. The reason being, all have certain basic foundations of art including same elements, principles and languages purposed to serve the same client of realization of a common indentation. Notable is that, in advertising art, the purpose is to market a given commodity or services to increase sales whereas in graphic design, more can be achieved including the necessity to initiate order to a given information, bring form to certain flows of ideas and create feelings to the artifacts that all serve to document and bring life to the human experience.


Graphic design as a discipline presents dynamic opportunities and variety of challenges to the designers who are interested in making their creativity applicable to the communication forms in presenting ideas and concepts in both print and virtual interactive media .It therefore foresters great opportunities for the graphic design students to be able to develop and nurture skills necessary to be capable and able graphic designers(workerbee, 2015). .As such, they become quality graphic designers who are capable of putting into practice strong ,practical and theoretical effects of typography and other fundamental skills in enhancing creativity.

The interactive media is dependent on graphic design. The reason is that graphic designers are true and in many cases committed to solving problems through research and managing the visual design artwork projects. They are capable of identifying and hence establishing the goals for a client`s project, participate in the analysis of the project`s need and existing problems, development of visual solutions to the problem through necessitating conceptual presentations that are subject to approval by the clients in question (workerbee, 2015).

Graphic designers in consultations with the benefactor develop concepts through being able to work in association with photographers, project illustrators, computer programmers, software developers and other creative professionals to enhance production of print and interactive media artwork that range from the production of corporate identification materials, logos, posters, publication designs, brochures, packaging designs all the way to promotional posters and signage (workerbee, 2015). Graphic design is thus the backbone of interactive media that incorporates virtual and visual effects into making ideas and human experiences meaningful and understandable hence the need and necessity to be fostered.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this report is to examine through analysis of the three significant trends currently impacting the work that is done by many professional designers and students to effect the necessity of graphic design. Furthermore, this report will be to recommend contingency plans for the changing current practices in the discipline of graphic. Reason being that design students in school should be equipped with advanced skills to better meet the needs of clients who will need their help after graduation and become useful to solving new and more challenging world problems that might arise.

To meet these objectives, the report is based on the analysis and examination of the following trends:

Logo design trends

The rise of tiny mobile friendly marks

The need to design very small logos has been taken to be an added advantage to the use and demands of the very small digital electronic gadgets (Cao, 2015). The concept of designing scalable logos has thus been understand and taken positively. The level of operations has changed and techniques of operations too has diverted the meaning and conception of the production of very small or rather tiny objects to be one of the most generous application of the graphic design as the very tiny logos perfectly fit so well hence are readable on the tiny screens of the gadgets such as those of the mobiles phones ( Meggs, & Purvis, 2011). Further, the involvement of dimensions and more details that were given to the logos do not find space hence the tiny logos are simple and direct to make the impact that they are meant to serve. As such, the move has gone to the productions of designs that are very flat as emphasis is geared towards designs that are more and more flat. Surfaces thus are made plainer as has been through the application of mono- weight lines that becomes an effect realized on the opposite side of the end of the spectra ( Meggs, & Purvis, 2011).

Hand drawn elements Versus digital perfectionism

People in many situations are drawn back to liking what is real for there is love in reality that explains varying individual experiences (Gardener, 2014). On the other hand, a portion of the to-days populace would give preference to the digital world yet still doubt the effects and impacts that it makes to them when they get to the moments of finding true reflections of themselves (Gardener, 2014).

Display of images as portrayed by the digital phone is so refined and clear that the viewer of such photos begin to doubt of the reality behind such perfections. Hand drawn elements thus become more preferred by a majority of the people whether it is in the event of perusing handmade artworks, pieces of work that explores other cultures or just the simple histories of the families (Gardener, 2014). Reason is that, such hand drawn or handmade arts are capable creating or rather do ignite reconnections with stories that draw so much from the childhood memories or mythologies. This is thus one of the circumstances in which a well-designed piece of art that is human made take prevalence and an advantage as is it is used to gain some great sense of pride and control over the digital movement that has surfaced ,purposed and has been the threat that works to outdo natural graphic designers (Gardener, 2014).

Digital product and their user interface.

The user interfaces that are dependent on the digital devices in the recent past have become the major drivers to effecting individual identity. The consumers of a given digital product are in the verge of being predisposed to a given predetermined digital effect in the situation that the applications that are found interesting could be of one effect or use similar visual vernacular.

Digital graphic consumer product has been on high alert as it has gained popularity and finds application too in many fields. The digital interface users have thus become more concerned to the use of such applications as they are made to be part of the design hence they feel proud not just be users but also take pride in contributing to creation rather than just being the normal spectators. There is a universal desire and mark to the identity that is sought for and after in every niche of an element. The development of superb, super magnificent and perfect individual profile picture on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn have enhance a feeling of self-identity achievement as such users have the opportunities to edit their own photos before setting them up as profile picture in refined clarity and perfection of color mixture hence taking pride of being the maker.

Furthermore, the creation of personal logos and monograms have grown to achieve epidemic recognitions. There exists avatars within the digital devices that allow individuals to perform self-editions of the existing images of photos thereby creating an impression and ability of reinvention of oneself virtually and visually. Therefore, digital graphic designs have gained popularity and have presented to people in specific such applications users the world of self -identity (Cao, 2015).


Application of single line doodles and rudimentary mark- marking

The use of single line doodles and rudimentary mark-marking serve to create an illustration to the pieces of the graphic design art works (workerbee, 2015). This type of graphic technique design thus finds application in the sketchbooks graphics majorly in the textile industries that are major dealers in the T-shirt printing .Recently, the effect was much realized in the manifestations of the trade shows prints and the graphics marketing reports. Sketch book graphics design thus emphasizes on the need to make more illustrations of the revelations of the intended information through artisanal works. As such, there is quick realization of the creative work behind the design such as being able to take into account prevailing weather conditions and festivities, expression of the intended motifs that are depicted in a manner only comparable to the scanned pieces of designed works (workerbee, 2015).

Effect of Naivety to brands

The effect of naivety to brands is capable of capturing seasonal moments through taking into account all sorts of emotional feelings that certain interested parties could develop or certainly portray (Till, 2015). The expression of ideas and feelings are not limited to an individual reasoning thus has variety of the viewers and interested party interpretations. Applications of such techniques in graphic design in correlation to effective brandings are subject to increase sales of that particular brand. For instance, the ability of a graphic designer to incorporate alternative DIY attitudes brings about certain elements of playful naivety to the particular brands such as the graphic designs application to the branding of jerseys pieces of a particular team, game, match of festivity in that, there is a realization of a refreshing contrast and connection to the history of such moments that is only mad real through graphic stories (Till, 2015).


The styles in which the graphic design work is presented serves to highlight the emerging trends of the designer`s piece of work portrayed in the handcrafted designs (Meggs, & Purvis, 2011). The manner in which designers present their pieces of work act in direction that always gives life and form to the piece of work. The flow of a designers thought should never be limited to only the designers but instead should accommodate the reasoning and interpretation of the targeted party as evident through the visual and virtual artistic work pieces ( Meggs, & Purvis, 2011).


Graphic intersection patterns

Patterns in a piece of a graphic design is one of the many features that is identifiable at an instant look. They are in most cases very much evident in the manner in which they form consistent strokes that are brought about by the letter forms, the grids that are used to show existence of balance on the web print layout formats, the placement of easy navigation tools and the presentations of many ideas that are revealed in each and every page that is turned on (Lucas, 2014).

Online graphics printed on the textiles and many other clothing and advertising lines take form of formulated architecture in which patterns are seen to take precedence .Patterns enhances larger and tangible variety of the scales in which decisions of flooring, window types, doors, the type of lighting and the type of plumbing become critical in bringing the outside nature into the room (Lucas, 2014). Structure positioning, therefore, in any form of creative design work create systems of patterns both in the micro and macro hence chevrons, the use of stripes and connecting dots are spiced together or in substitution schemes to result into intersecting patterns in graphic design.

Creation of negative space using bright colors

Graphic design uses the bold shapes in many forms of the creative works to create a negative space by using very bright colors to compliment the bold shapes (Gardener, 2014). Many ideas can thus be interconnected to bring about the relationship between one or more involved subjects of the interest. For instance, a piece of design art could be on cloth to show a relationship between humankind and nature in which the use of bold and very bright colors do come into play to effect the intended information (Gardener, 2014).

Off-kilter and asymmetric combinations

Designers achieve the power of creativity by making use of the asymmetric combinations in which balance become a common strategy for adding oomph to the created piece of work. Designers thus use color, value, shape and the position to achieve balance of the dissimilar forms to avoid the chaos rule. In essence, asymmetrical is one of the techniques that are very difficult to achieve in the event that colors, sizes and other elements are off the equilibrium (Coles, 2015).

The trend brings the revelation that designers are often very keen on the effect that are brought about by the components that constitute the artistic work. They have to master the concept such that it does happen occasionally that an advertising client might request the need for surreal combination of items. As such, there would be necessity of the combination to exhibit similarities in design because any change such as color alone can bring a difference in which the whole work could become off-kilter (Cao, 2015).


Consely, graphics design is essentially an artiistic art with a purpose to communicate. As an art, graphics design comprises the processes that take into account the need to plan and project ideas and experiences using visual and contextual content that include images, words, color, and graphic forms. The purpose of this art is primarily communication which could be an inormation relayed on posters, advertisements, packages or printed materials, hence it is synonimous to communication design virtual communication and visual communication. Graphic design is thus an art that shares quite a great deal of rich history with its native forms being symbols that functioned as alphabets in which of human thought could be and are still expressed.

Simple images and symbols thus can be used to convey messages without spoken or written words. However, cultural mismatches with the use of symbols and design gradually evolved to writings. In fact, the first mechanical letterforms were designed to imitate handwriting Graphic design has thus evolved given birth to modernism. The early 21st century, is remarkably significant to people marking the dependent on the internet for information and entertainment, computer graphic experimentation explored electronic techniques ,hence evolving through to modern and postmodern design ideas that has been realized to result into diversity in graphic design. The modern graphic designs are always evolving and more is expected to take charge . The study of graphic design in diversity is therfore very critical in keeping up with graphic design evolution of both software and tools which consequently affect the appearances of graphic designs work.

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The world`s technological advancements are taking advantage of the time, therefore, there it is very much of a recommendation that the designers should diversify their skills in order to cope and remain at per with the technological changes and requirements.

There is also the need to work in close proximity with the virtual and visual development applications. It is true and a fact that people prefer being connected to the reality, therefore, it is a recommendation that the designers be able to develop ways of incorporating their real artistic works with those of virtual effects to bring about perfection in digital products with certain elements of reality.

In order for the designers to render real time solutions and be of time value to the clients of benefactors, it is a recommendation that they stay put to the programmers and software engineers so as to work together to maintain the usefulness, meaning and impacts of graphic design to the whole world.

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Analytical Report on Graphic Design essay

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